McCulloch 2000w Digital Generator Reviewed


There are a couple of different McCulloch 2000w digital generator models on the market. Both offer online reviews of the products as well as the retailers. Let’s take a look at one of them.

The first is available at an online shopping portal with comparison prices from many retailers, shows the lowest price for it at around $400, though it generally retails for close to $600. This McCulloch is slightly over 2000w at 2340 watts of portable generator power. This McCullough turbine powered digital electric rotor generator gives you an abundance of power at a very economical price.

It is an immensely portable generator, with a t handle that gives it ease of mobility. You can carry it one handed around your home or on the remote job site. A nice safety feature is this McCulloch 2000w digital generator is its automatic shut down in case of low oil. This protects the generator.

This digital generator is 120 volt, with a 60 hertz frequency, 5.5 hp OHV engine by McCulloch. It has an auto voltage regulator and a fuel tank that holds just under a gallon. It weighs a mere 67 pounds. Only negatives in reviews are the fact that it has no idle control, no electric start and comes without an instruction manual.

One nice feature of ordering this McCulloch 2000w digital generator online is not only do you save yourself some time, money and costly gas, but when you order straight from McCulloch it is shipped anywhere in the continental United States (except California) free of charge.


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