Maxiglide Hair Straightener Reviews


I’m currently in the market for a hair straightener and came across Maxiglide.  It’s a ceramic flat iron made by Maxius and has been featured in various magazines like People, Cosmopolitan and InStyle.

All hair straighteners promise to make hair perfectly smooth and straight no matter how difficult or frizzy your hair is.  Maxiglide promises to deliver beautiful, straight hair and includes several product features that piqued my interest.

Maxiglide uses ceramic plates to lock in moisture and leave hair shiny and smooth.  The plates are wide to cover a larger section of hair and thus shorten styling time.  What especially caught my attention were the unusual comb-like teeth along its plates.  It turns out that they are detangling pins with rounded ends which prevent damaging hair cuticles.  The pins are designed to detangle and straighten hair right to the ends.  The plate with the detangling pins is also interchangeable with a ceramic flat plate for quick touchups.  I’ve read reviews that hair still gets tangled so it’s best to pre-comb hair first and use the flat plate to prevent snags.

Another innovation is the Steam Burst System which delivers the right amount of steam where you need it.  Maxiglide works much like a steam iron for clothes smoothening out frizz by hydrating and conditioning hair, and from what I’ve read, blow drying will no longer be necessary once you start to use Maxiglide.  I’ve had problems in the past of damaging my hair from excessive heat so this was especially welcome news.

The product design was what really held my interest.  It had curved edges and corners specially designed to protect the scalp against burns and high temperature.  These edges serve a double purpose to create flips and curvy styles along with a sleek do.This is a preview of Maxiglide Sets the Standard for Hair Straighteners. 

This product is a hair straightener that makes your out of control hair nice and smooth.  It also does a great job of making your hair straight and shiny after using it.  I’m going to first talk about the hair straightener itself.  After that, I will talk about the site and the bonuses that come with it when you order from that site.  Whether you are on your getting ready for work or getting ready for a night on the town, every woman knows that a  good hair straightener is a necessity. 

Nobody wants to spend all day in the bathroom getting ready.  Really… who has the time to do this, which is why this product is such a good idea.  You have so many options on how you can style your hair with this straightener and the best part is that it does it a lot quicker than other straighteners.  But before you go out to a store and get this great hair tool, make sure that you read about all the bonuses that you will get when you buy online.


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