Masturbation Sleeves


The pocket pussy is the perennial favorite of masturbation sleeves, giving a snug, realistic sensation so akin to penetrating an actual vagina that it’s difficult not to ejaculate within the first couple of minutes of pocket pussy deployment. Don’t worry, though—give it a quick wash and your pocket pussy will be ready for you to go at it again. Its compact profile makes it perfectly portable; its sleeve component is easily collapsible, allowing you to slip it into your pocket and take it everywhere you roam.

Pocket pussies range from cheap masturbation sleeves fabricated from jelly rubber to sophisticated models made from the most lifelike artificial skin available to manufacturers, you can even get a porn star mold to make you happy. The pocket pussy can be a more versatile toy that you might think. While at its heart, the pocket pussy is a basic masturbation sleeve, sensual accessory manufacturers have enhanced many a pocket pussy with extras including textured sleeves that offer ribs or nubs for additional stimulation. You can also find pocket pussies that have a vibrating bullet, bringing a new level of pleasure to your pocket pussy experience.

The pocket pussy is as intuitive to use as you’d expect. Simply lube up, extend the pocket pussy’s sleeve, and depending on the motion that’s more comfortable for you, thrust your penis in and out of the sleeve or let your hands do the work as you glide the pocket pussy back and forth over your cock.

The pocket pussy is also remarkably easy to maintain. Simply wash the interior of the sleeve also with the outside of the pocket pussy with every use. Use warm water only if you own a jelly rubber pocket pussy. With other types of material, soap and disinfectant should be perfectly safe.

The pocket pussy has been a favorite among guys who need quick release for a good reason—it’s small, it’s portable, and it does the job so, so well. If you haven’t discovered the joys of the pocket pussy for yourself, check out what’s available. You’ll find a perfect pocket pussy that’s irresistible.


It’s not often that a girl is asked to have her pussy modelled for a male sex toy within a year or so of making her porn debut.  But that’s what happened to 19 year old porn starlet Riley Steele.  Fleshlight just knew that her cute little pussy was ripe to be immortalized for the pleasure of millions of masturbation happy pocket pussy fans.  Already this little beauty has become one of the most popular of the Fleshlight Girl range.  The Riley Steele Fleshlight feels incredibly realistic with the Lotus masturbatin sleeve inside – specifically designed to capture the tight love canal of a ripe teenager like Riley.

Fleshlight make the most realistic pocket pussy toys in the world.  Their designers have intimately studied the contours and anatomy of the female vagina.  When applied to the pussy of a beautiful young pornstar like Riley, jerking off with one of these things is the closest you can get to fucking the girl


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