The W-401 is an Electro Acoustic guitar that has a ¼ jack socket in the strap end pin that is fitted with an internal pick up. This acoustic guitar is very ideal for beginner players and is perfectly suited for guitarists who have possibly just started performing.  And for guitarists who need an acoustic guitar that can be plugged straight into an amplifier or a mixing desk, Martin Smith W-401 is just the right instrument to have.

This acoustic guitar is a beautifully cutaway designed that indicates not only good looks but it is also very comfortable and easy to play. The Martin Smith 401 guitar sounds evenly beautiful when plugged in. It has a charming acoustic tone and a great volume that is projected from the huge folk body. And this makes this guitar a highly recommendable to players who are looking for a flexible electro acoustic that sounds perfectly fine either strummed or finger-picked. The Martin Smith W-401 Electro Acoustic Guitar is a 6- stringed acoustic guitar is available in either black or white with a spectacular finish and impressive playability.


  • Item Weight                            3kg
  • Number of strings                   6
  • Size                                          Full size
  • Product Dimensions                109.2 x 46.4 x 10.4 cm

The Martin Smith is very comfortable and easy to play and produces sound that is equally beautiful when plugged in. It has a with pleasant acoustic tone and a great volume that is expected from the big folk body. It is highly recommended for guitarists who are looking for a flexible electro acoustic guitar that sounds great either strummed or simply finger picked. This amazing guitar is one of the most popular guitars that are being used by students as well as adults.


  • Excellent affordable price
  • Really nice black and glossy finish
  • Sounds great either strummed or finger-picked
  • Can be plugged in straight to an amplifier


  • Cannot change the volume as there is no volume adjuster
  • Strings are prone to breakage
  • The nut and saddle are made of plastic
  • Does not have a pre- amp

This guitar is very light which makes it very easy to carry. It has a plastic nut and a saddle but easily replaceable with a bone or wood. The inlays don’t have the perfect cut and the end of the fret wires mainly along the bottom edge is not so smoothly cut. This electro acoustic guitar plays just acoustic. The sound it produces is nice, on the part of the player; as the sound matters more to players. But on the part of the audience, it just looks good and sounds good. The lightweight feature of this guitar although is a plus; for the reason that it provides easier portability, it seem to make the guitar not that durable. And although the glossy black finish looks good, it’s obviously not sanded down properly.

Martin Smith is a smashing guitar with great tone. It is not exactly a top end guitar but for the price it is excellent. This guitar would suit anyone wanting good sound for an affordable price.


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