Marcy SB-410 Crunch Board Review


Who doesn’t want to have flat, sexy abs and a stronger core?

You can do sit ups for hours every day, and not see the results you are looking for.

Why not bump up your abdominal fitness program and add a high quality ab board into your regular exercise routine?

The bench under review this month is the Marcy SB-410 Crunch Board.  The Marcy SB-410 is a compact, high quality, easy to use ab board that shows great results.  Regular use of this bench (along with proper diet and maybe a little cardio) will have your abs popping in no time.

Every Marcy SB-410 comes with…

  • Adjustability to flat and decline position for proper sit up exercises
  • Fully contoured oversized foam roller pads
  • Adjustable lower ankle pads
  • A handy dumbbell storage rack underneath
  • Comfortable and long lasting 2-inch thick upholstery
  • A factory two-year limited warranty

The Marcy SB-410 is available at a number of online stores. Shop around as you will find that the prices fluctuate, but expect to pay between $40 to $60 for this ab board; and most sellers will provide shipping included in the purchase price.

We ordered our Marcy SB-410 crunch board and it arrived in three days. We saw some reviews about the difficulty in putting this ab board together, but we had no problems.

Have two crescent wrenches handy, and the Marcy SB-410 can be put together and ready to go in under fifteen minutes.

Marcy SB-410 Crunch Board – Fully Function With No Extra Work

The Marcy SB-410 is a great ab board that is specifically designed for one task… Crunches and sit ups.

Once assembled, this is a strong, well built piece of exercise equipment. It uses 2 inch steel tubing for the base, and the floor supports are wide enough to make the Marcy SB-410 very stable; both in flat as well as in decline mode.

The bench padding is thick enough to be comfortable; and we did not notice any lower back strain or tailbone discomfort which is common with lower quality ab boards. It is covered with a thick vinyl pad cover that is both comfortable and easy to clean with a wet towel.

It also comes with thick foam contoured pads for the back of the knees and the tops of the feet; and they don’t pinch or bind the back of the knees as you are doing your sit ups or crunches.

It also has two positions for varied abs exercise. You can use it in the flat position for regular sit ups and crunches, or decline it for a more challenging workout.

It is also perfect for smaller spaces. The Marcy SB-410 measures 22 inches by 20 inches by 44 inches; so you are able to fit this ab board into even limited spaces.

And at 20 pounds, this crunch bench is easy enough to move around the house; so you can do your crunches in front of the TV or anywhere you’d like.

It is strong enough to handle even bigger individuals (I’m six two and 220 pounds) and it even has a handy storage rack underneath for barbells.

Marcy SB-410 Crunch Board – Very Minor Issues We Discovered

While the Marcy SB-410 crunch board is a high quality and very efficient ab board, we found a couple of issues that the manufacturers could have included.

At 45 inches, the bench itself is a little short for taller individuals. When you are in the full recline position, your head hangs over the back of the board; which can be uncomfortable for some people as you neck may get stiff.

And there are only two positions on the Marcy SB-410; either flat or declined. And the decline is not that steep.

It would have been nice to have more than two positions to really get the most out of this ab board. And since the decline is not that steep, this may not be the best board for more experienced users.

Marcy SB-410 Crunch Board- A Great Value and Effective Ab Board

The Marcy SB-410 crunch board is very efficient at what we bought it for. There are other ab boards available that have more features (and consequently cost more); but it depends on what you are looking for.

If you want a well designed, high quality ab board that doesn’t cost a whole bunch, then the Marcy SB-410 is the answer. It does exactly what it was designed to do, and for the price is very high quality and should last a long time.


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