Marathon Electric Generators


As part of the famed Marathon Electric Company that has been operating since 1913, Marathon electric generators have provided independent power for domestic, agricultural, aquamarine, industrial, transportation and military applications worldwide.

With a driving dedication to providing generators that could cope up with the ever-changing needs, Marathon has an extensive research and development team to improve existing electrical products and produce new ones.

Marathon electric generators pride itself in being the leader in electric generator technology, which includes the patented DVR2000E Digital Voltage Regulator coupled with the patented high motor inrush starting LIMAź MAC design.

Providing power for different needs, Marathon has provided a multitude of products in different lines to cater to these electrical needs.

Starting off with the PRIMELINE that produces 12-450 kilo watts with an output of 120-480 volts. Then there is the highly touted LIMAź MAC that produces 5-300 kilo watts with an output of 120-480 volts.

Then there is the high output hard working MAGNA line that produces a minimum of 5-kilo watts with a high with its high-end MAGNAPower that produces up to 4 mega watts. It also has an output reaching 14,200 volts making it ideal for high industry electrical power needs.

With Marathon electric generators, you not only get high quality electrical generators, you also get their devoted commitment to customer service, technical support and allowable custom design for special electrical needs.

You can check out their designs and contact them through their website and see for yourself. Get charged with the Marathon electrical generator advantage.

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