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Where to get Mannequin Head?

Mannequin head like cosmetology mannequin head and Styrofoam mannequin head is a necessary tool for most of the cosmetic academies and boutiques. These items are important as to use for practice as well as displaying. As far as concern, new or used mannequin heads are ideal for displaying or storing commercial items. These commercial items are inclusive of like wigs, hairpieces, hats and jewelry. In some patent jewelry shops for examples, they are using vintage mannequin head to display vintage jewelry like vintage brooch and hair band.

There are many types of mannequin head offered in the market. The materials used to construct these items are more or less the same. These mannequin heads are offered with few standard sizes too. However the face and ear section of these items can be tailor-made based on the requirements from customers. Female mannequin head and male mannequin head are two most common use mannequin head for any cosmetic saloons and boutiques. However like I mentioned earlier there are unique mannequin head that only applicable for determined shops and outlets.

Actually there are few ways for you to get mannequin heads. First of all, you can use the traditional way which to visit to mannequin head direct supplier. These suppliers are the expert in constructing these models and you can always communicate your requirements with them. You can get the details and information of these suppliers through newspaper or other useful directories like yellow pages. However to get quality mannequin head, you need to know the basic features of mannequin head before you place your order. This is crucial as mannequin head also is divided into many different categories.

If you find it hard to purchase by personal visitation to suppliers or shops of cosmetology mannequin, then you probably can get it through the help of internet. Look to online and local beauty supply stores for a variety of mannequin heads. The price range of these products are range from approximately $3 for a simple Styrofoam head to about $70 for a plastic or fiberglass display model. Look under “mannequin head” at online auctions. The choices are endless. You’ll find offerings of wax, wood, composition, and cloth and porcelain heads dating back to the 1930s and the 18th century and ranging in price from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. However you will get more discounts if you buy more. Many online shops offered extra privileges and benefits for their customers.

Three Types of Useful Mannequin Head

Mannequin head is a compulsory tool for cosmetology and hairdressing shops and boutiques. Nevertheless there is limited supplier offered this product. As such to get them, you need to know the source of getting these items. There are many types of mannequin heads offered in the market. Few types of famous one includes of cosmetology mannequin heads, vintage mannequin head and Styrofoam mannequin head. As such here comes few types of mannequin head that definitely let you know more on them.

Rosemary – Female Mannequin Head Display
This mannequin head is constructed of a high-quality plastic material. They are available for professional make-up and false eyelashes. There is a manufactured hole in the center of the bottom of these mannequin heads. There are also holes on her base for the insertion of a pole if desired. The ears of this cosmetology mannequin head are pierced. Unlike male mannequin head, this mannequin head only offered with female model. The wig or accessories are not included with this model. As far as concern the head circumference of this mannequin head is 21 inches. The height from top to bottom of this model is 18 inches. You can now flaunt your finest wigs, scarves and hats with these beautiful mannequin heads.

Hanna Female Mannequin Head
This mannequin head is constructed of a high-quality plastic material. Same with other mannequin head, they are specifically designed for make-up and false eyelashes. The model is fixed with hole in the center of the bottom of her base for the insertion of a pole if desired. The ears are pierced for this model head. These mannequin heads are available for male and female. Both make and female model are used as cosmetology mannequin head.

Plastic Female Mannequin Head
The height of this Styrofoam mannequin head is 20 inches from top to bottom. They are a common tool for many hairdressing shops and cosmetic boutique. Unlike other types of mannequin head like vintage mannequin head and male mannequin head, this model is only offered with limited quantity. The mannequin head has special features new to the mannequin market. She has realistic acrylic eyes, exquisite make-up, false eyelashes, and a head which will rotate at any degree. This female mannequin head is made from a durable, hard-plastic material which is virtually indestructible. The center post in her neck serves as an axis for her head to turn. She’s perfect for online auctions, trade shows and boutiques.

Tips to Makeup on Mannequin Head

A mannequin is human head substitute used to practice makeup and other uses of cosmetology. There are many types of mannequin heads offered in the market like vintage mannequin head and Styrofoam mannequin head. These mannequins are different in terms for male and female too. As far as concern the prices of these mannequin heads also different to each and other.

The most popular mannequin head offered in the market is use for cosmetology purposes. In fact they are the compulsory model or too for many cosmetology academies and saloons. Mannequins like cosmetology mannequin are used to display and as a way of practicing procedures on humans without using actual people. These procedures are referring to makeup procedures.

To apply make up on mannequin head, you must prepare the materials in advance. The materials are inclusive of makeup face foundation, lipstick, eye brow, cheek brush, lip liner, sample eye shadow as well as milk away hair. You must also make sure your mannequin head is ready in use and free of stain and dirt.

Choose a comfortable manicure chair to make sure you are having a nice seat while you are doing your makeup. All the materials for makeup also should place not far from the place of application. You should also prepare some tissues to get ready for wiping on these cosmetology mannequin head if done any wrong coloring on makeup.
Before you starts for makeup, make sure the place for your practice is bright and cheer enough. This is because of dull lighting might affect the results of make up on these mannequin heads. Thus you must also make sure the place of practice is windy and cozy. If possible do it inside a air-conditional room. This is because of make up on these cosmetology heads required time and attention. You might need to spend long time on it. As such you need a good and comfortable environment throughout the process of makeup application.

Always starts with face base brushing on your mannequin head. Perhaps this is the basic step of applying any makeup on face. Then eye makeup becomes the important part for make up at the following phase. You should always bear in mind that mannequin head is different from actual human skin. The texture and absorption ability of these models are far different from actual human face skin. As such after you have applied the makeup on mannequin head, make sure you take few pictures on them. This is for you to make comparison after the application and procedures.


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