Makita LS1216L Review


Makita LS1216L Review 12-Inch Dual Slide Compound

The Makita LS1216L 12inch dual side miter saw touts one of the largest crown and crosscutting capacities in the industry today, for its class. With it;s patented four steel sliding rail system bolstering its performance, the LS1216L produces consistent, high quality cuts and with six linear bearings; the overall design allows for even, adjustment free precision cuts. Designed to be a well-rounded, diverse tool, the Makita LS1216L is not only a welcome addition to any workbench or job site, but is sturdy enough to handle the demands of higher-end production and manufacturing settings.

High Capacity, Unmatched Accuracy.

It is capable of handling crosscutting loads up to fifteen inches in width at a ninety degree angle, without complicated set-up or additional jig needed. With the innovation of the direct drive gear box and Makita’s retracting guard system, this saw is designed for increased vertical cutting capabilities and the largest-in-class crown cutting capacity eight full inches nested vertically. Makita’s retractable rear guard allows for a six and one half inch baseboard vertical cutting ability. Additionally, the six linear ball bearings (an exclusive feature) allow for consistently accurate, adjustment-free cuts every time. The rail system decreases initial deflection, and provides higher rigidity allowing for higher cutting capacities and increased accuracy.

Best-in-class Range of Applications.

Designed to accommodate the needs of a variety of craftsmen and tradespeople, the saw capable of handling workloads ranging from four by sixteen inch beams, and boards up to a width of fifteen inches. Tradespeople from professional woodworkers, cabinetmakers, or any range of other trim and finish carpenters as well as framers and installers can rest easy knowing that they have a saw capable of meeting their rigorous demands for quality and performance; especially in fast-paced high-production and manufacturing settings.

Designed for Ease-of-Use:

Boasting not only class-leading cutting capacity, pinpoint accuracy and power to spare, this great saw offers many other fantastic features. With the four steel rail sliding system, it takes up less space than leading competitors. The see-through blade guard offers users increased visibility and line of cut, not to mention a one step blade change feature that greatly increases over all production efficiency. Ergonomic designs to the rubberized D-handle increases comfort, and the larger trigger reduces hand fatigue.

At The Heart of It All.

The saw touts a fifteen amp, direct gear box motor, that never slips, bogs or requires time consuming maintenance like traditional belt driven units. The soft start feature delivers smoother start-ups, while the electronic speed control maintains consistent speeds under load for smoother, high-quality results.

The LS1216L has been receiving resounding praise from both hobbyists to professional craftsmen alike. Overall this saw sets a new class standard for the dual side miter saw. Unmatched power, performance and efficiency are only a few of the qualities this saw offer you as a consumer and all for a low reasonable market price around six hundred dollars. Users all commend that the saw for ease-of-Use, reliability, and quality of construction. Many boasting the smooth rotation of the table, the improved comfort of the new D-handle to the superb quality of construction. No matter what qualities they seem most appealing, there is always one great factor that stands the test: Every user seems to agree on one massive point; this miter saw is, by far, one of the absolute finest saws offered by Makita today.Can you really afford to pass up this invaluable addition to your own selection of power tools?


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