Makita Reciprocating Saw: Model JR3070CT Review


Makita Reciprocating Saw: Model JR3070CT

Makita Reciprocating Saw: JT3070CT

If you have any serious demolition or deconstruction project lined up, look no further than to the Makita Reciprocating Saw (JR3070CT). This Makita Reciprocating saw is a pro tool that delivers on its promises and will fulfill a variety of your cutting needs.

The Makita Reciprocating Saw (Makita JR JR3070CT), at less than 10 pounds is a lightweight reciprocating saw that is packed with power.  Boasting a 15 amp motor, it’s a heavy duty reciprocating  that guarantees precise cutting.  Click here to purchase the Makita reciprocating saw at a great discount.


There are many unique features of the MakitaJR3070CT reciprocating saw, but a few of these features stand out to make this model a great choice for the discerning buyer.

Cutting action

The power, precision and versatility of the cutting action are all major concerns for anyone looking to purchase a reciprocating saw. These features are in the Makita JR3070CT reciprocating saw with both straight and orbital cutting action. The 4 cutting positions allow many angles of attack to get into hard to reach or awkward places. It also provides enough room to feel reasonably safe while working with it.

Unlike with other brands of reciprocating saw, the orbital action takes effect only when the saw reaches a certain degree of pressure; with the Makita JR3070CT, it works from the get-go. This ultimately means you can get more cutting done in less time. 

Makita JR3070CT Anti-Vibration Technology

Reciprocating saws are not simple to use, many models are heavy and vibrate a lot during cutting and can affect work output.  Luckily, this Makita Reciprocating Saw solves that very problem!. The Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) of the Makita JR3070CT is its primary asset. Its vibration is significantly less when compared with other reciprocating saws in the market.

Other Features of the Makita reciprocating saw:

  • An electronic saw powered by a 15 AMP motor 15 AMP motor, the Makita Reciprocating Saw has the power to ensure precise and consistent cutting.
  • Stroke Length – Long 1-1/4″ Stroke for a quick cut with 0-2,800 strokes per minute. This stroke length cuts through thick metal or any other hard materials easily, smoothly and without any effort. 
  •  Variable Speed Dial – With 6 preset speeds that guarantee compatibility between saw and application; any user, even newbie’s, would find it easy to find a speed that is suitable.  
  • Unique clutch assembly – This feature protects the saw’s gears in the event that the blade binds, resulting in unmatched durability. Users can expect their Makita JR3070CT to last them many years as a result.
  • Tool-less blade change makes blade changing and shoe adjustment a breeze
  • Five Position Shoe Adjustment
  • State-of-the-art body design – Body is protected with rubber and felt seals to keep moisture, dust and other elements out of the Makita JR3070CT Reciprocating Saw.

Who knew that a lightweight reciprocating saw can come with so much great features?  The Makita JR3070CT is best suited for DIYers or handy men looking for an pro-level tool at a great value.

How much does this reciprocating saw cost?

The Makita Reciprocating Saw: JR3070CT is reasonably priced and can be purchased at Amazon for a great discount off the manufacturer’s retail price with free shipping. Click here now to receive this discount now.

What included in the package:

Every box of Makita JR3070CT comes with

  •  the JR3070CT Reciprocating Saw,
  • two blades; and
  • a metal tool case.

Warranty for Makita Reciprocating Saw

Customers can return the Makita Reciprocating Saw within 30 days of purchase for a refund or replacement should it not meet their expectations.  Makita also offers one-year warranty on this reciprocating saw.

What Other Owners are saying about the Makita Reciprocating Saw

Although one or two consumers had issues with the shoe support, The Makita Reciprocating Saw: JR3070CT has proven to be popular tool within the market. This is obvious by the great reviews (up to 5 rating) for this product on Amazon.  “Oracle ” bought this Makita Reciprocating Saw and had this to say after using it –

This saw is amazing!!! Never has demo work gone so quickly. With the right blade, this saw does not just cut like a hot knife through butter, it melts the butter. The orbital setting greatly increases cutting speed, it eats 2x4s, 4x4s, 4x6s, heck this thing will eat trough thick tree branches or a small tree. Click here to read the full review at Amazon.


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