Makita Generators


Makita Company & their Portable Generator Line

Makita has been making electric motors for over 90 years, and began making power tools in 1970. They helped revolutionize the world with their cordless drill way back in 1978 and have continued to advance since. Less than 10 years after their cordless drill found its way into millions of homes worldwide, Makita began offering their products to professionals. They had always supplied the motors, and demand forced them into what was a long awaited market: the construction industry.

With little surprise, Makita made a splash in the construction industry and began manufacturing Makita Power Generators. They started with a few mid-sized models and have now found customers anywhere from 1,100 to 12,000 Watts. Their models are all over-built with cast iron cylinders and low engine oil alerts, and over-size cooling fans, and air and fuel filters – making them some of the most durable generators available. On Makita generators you will find OHC and OHV engines, and even chain drives – allowing maximum performance without the transfer loss of belts!

Makita just recently released a smaller model generator and new models for 2011. The new line will consist of five models, look for our full reviews on these models shortly! There are the:

G1100 – Portable Light Unit



G6100R – 5,800 Watts

G6101R – Same with Electric Start


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