Makita Concrete Saw


Makita Concrete Saw Information

The Makita concrete saw, also known as a power cutter, comes in a few different models depending on your needs. They are all very good saws and will cut a wide variety of concrete, metal, and other surfaces. The Makita concrete saw is the top of the line when it comes to comparing concrete saws.


The Makita concrete saw is very flexible and can be made into a left or right handed power cutter with a little adjustment. This is important when you are cutting at angles and overhead. You need a concrete saw that is comfortable to hold. The blade guard is also easy to adjust for getting into tight places and close to walls. This allows you to cut directly adjacent to curb edges, walls or directly above the ground.

A Makita concrete saw is also very easy to start. Place the switch in the above “choke” postition and pull the cord until you hear the motor “hit” or no more than four times. Then place the switch in the middle run position and lock in the trigger. Pull the cord and Makita concrete saw should start after one or two pulls. If you run the Makita concrete saw for a while and turn it off, do not choke it when you come back to start it. You can flood the saw out by doing that.


Here are a few of the features of the Makita concrete saw:

*   Starter grip and decompression valve located on the same side for faster starting

* On-Off-Choke operating switch on a single lever for operator convenience

* Cushioned operator grips with 4 vibration-absorption rubber buffers for increased
operator comfort

* Water kit is assembled to saw and can be used with garden hose, gravity tank or pressure tank

* Improved exhaust emissions are EPA Phase II compliant while maintaining power and performance

The weight of the Makita concrete saw is under 22lbs. and is easily held above the head or at any angle comfortably to make the cuts that you need. It runs on a 2 stroke engine and it is recommended to use Makita brand synthetic oil when mixing your gas. This is very important because of the alcohold content now present in gasoline. If you do not mix the gas rich enough you can burn up the head of the Makita concrete saw.


Inside the Makita concrete saw manual you will find instructions and safety information. You should pay close attention to all of these instructions to be able to use your Makita concrete saw safely and have it running smoothly for many years.

The first thing you need to do when you unpack your new Makita concrete saw is look at the delivery inventory and make sure you have everything that you should. You should also pay close attention to the safety information and make sure that you are using a correct blade with your Makita concrete saw.

When working with the Makita concrete saw there is a danger of kickback and lock-in.  Kickback occurs when the top of the cutting disc is used for cutting. This causes the Makita concrete saw to be thrown back toward the user with great force and out of control. Be sure to read this section in the safety manual before using.


Inside the Makita concrete saw manual you will be provided with a breakdown of all the Makita concrete saw parts. You will have a diagram detailing all of the Makita concrete saw parts so that if you need to do any repairs or have to order a part you will know what you are looking at. You will find that the Makita service technician are very knowledgeable and can often troubleshoot problems over the phone if you need help.

You won’t go wrong with a Makita conrete saw for all of your concrete and metal cutting needs. It is a workhorse and if properly maintained it will last you a long time. Be sure when cutting concrete that you blow out the saw and filter after each use to prolong its’ life. If you are looking into buying a Makita concrete saw you won’t be disappointed.


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