Make A Water Filter


If you are a do-it-yourself person, you may want to make a water filter yourself.

You can make a homemade water filter using sand and gravel as your filtering mechanism. However, unless you are caught out in the wilderness, this method is too crude for household purposes.

Here is a great way to make your own water filter:

homemade water filter

1. Get two identical five gallon buckets (with the lids intact).

make a water filter

2. Buy two filter elements.

make your own water filter

3. Buy a food grade spigot from a hardware store

4. Drill two 1/2 inch holes, about 4 inches apart in the top of one lid and 2 matching 1/2 inch holes in the bottom of one bucket. Make sure the holes in the lid and the buckets line up well.

5. In the second bucket (the one with no hole in it yet), drill a hole in the side. Make sure that the hole is just large enough (maybe 3/4 inches) so that the spigot can be inserted, but high enough from the bottom so that the spigot isn’t touching the ground if the bucket is placed flat.

6. Use the lid with the holes to cover the bucket with the spigot in it.

7. Place the bucket with the holes in the bottom on top of the lower bucket.

8. Insert the two filter elements through the holes of the upper bucket and the lid of the lower bucket.

9. You can pour tap water into the upper bucket. The filtered water would then come through the lower bucket.

10.Use the spigot to dispense water as needed.

Note that the water will filter through very slowly. Try using less water to increase the flow rate.

And if after trying to make a water filter, you start wondering if there is a better way – there is.

There are much more efficient home water filters available.

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