Maintaining Your Abs Of Steel On The Road


So, your workouts have been successful and you finally have abs of steel. How do you maintain them when you travel? How do you keep those abs of steel when you don’t have access to your gym and eat out every day? It is easier than you think.

As you well know, toned abs require good nutrition. Most hotels now have small refrigerators in each hotel room so you should take advantage of this. It really doesn’t take much to keep healthy snacks on hand. Fresh, raw vegetables, light cheese and fresh fruit can be kept in your room. It is also very portable. If you are flying, you can drop some healthy snacks into your carry on bag.

Eating out can pose a challenge, but it can be done and no, you don’t have to exist solely on salads. Many restaurants offer healthy, low fat choices on their menus. Take advantage of that. Choose lean poultry and fish, fresh steamed vegetables and skip the dessert.

Exercising can be tough too, but if your hotel has a gym or some cardio equipment, you can go for a run or walk, ride a stationery bike or workout on the elliptical machine. Cardio is a great aid in achieving and maintaining abs of steel. However, if your hotel does not happen to have a workout room you can still get some cardio in.

Most hotels are situated near restaurants and shopping centers so instead of driving to a nearby store or restaurant, you may choose to walk. Of course you should be safe and walk with someone at all possible. Also, stay in well lit areas. You want to be safe. Abs of steel are nice, but don’t compromise your safety to get them.

In your room, you can turn on MTV and do some fast marching. Make sure that you don’t stomp, especially if you are on an upper floor because you don’t want to disturb the person below you. If you are on a ground floor you can bring along a jump rope and get your cardio that way.

Your floor exercises, as you maintain your abs of steel, should consist of crunches, leg lifts and pelvic lifts. Make sure that you work both your upper and lower abs.

Lie on the floor, not on the bed, with your knees bent. Place your hands behind your head to support your neck and raise your shoulders and upper body off of the floor several inches. Lower and repeat.

For lower abs, lie on your back and lift your heels several inches off of the floor. Pulse your legs up and down, but don’t allow your heels to touch the ground. Another lower ab exercise that you can do is lie on your back and raise your legs at a ninety degree angle. Lift your pelvis, pushing your feet toward the ceiling, then lower. Repeat the movement for abs of steel.

Travel may present some challenges to your fitness routine, but if you are creative and determined, you can work on your abs of steel and stay healthy. Just make sure that you watch your diet and get some exercise in. You want a good mix of cardio and floor work. You will have abs of steel for sure as a result.

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