Magimix Food Processor Reviews


Magimix is the inventor of food processor. 

Burgundy is renowned for its gastronomy. French company Magimix is located in the heart of Burgundy. It produces a revolution in the culinary world for 35 years. Magimix, creator of food processors, is a subsidiary company of Robot Coupe which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional equipment for restaurants.

Unique design, quality and professional technology

Since its inception, the Magimix company is relentlessly moving forward, using innovations and striving for excellence. It offers a range of premium electrical kitchen appliances, which are characterized by high quality equipment and impeccable professional level. Combining modern materials and new technologies, Magimix becomes the author of numerous inventions that are international standards now. But that’s not all. Its unique design is universally accepted among fans of exquisite interiors.

Magimix at world famous kitchens.

Developed over thirty years ago, today Magimix food processors are, of course, the worldwide necessary units. No wonder that the most famous chefs acquire them for personal use. With extensive experience of cooperation with the largest restaurants in the world, the company has also developed a unique scale of centrifuges. Thus, the model Duo Plus is the only device for automatic cooking of gravies and sauces.

100% made in France

Leader in its industry, Magimix keeps fidelity to its roots. They develop and produce food processors and juicers only in Burgundy (France). Engines of appliances have a 12-year warranty, which attests their high quality and reliability. The company constantly strives to achieve its goal: to offer aesthetic, simple, efficient and reliable products.

Magimix food processors` advantages.

3 in one.

3 in 1 technology for bowls invented by Magimix. Mini-bowl, medium and large bowls: each bowl operates autonomously. All containers are multifunctional: you can prepare in any container of your choice. All three working bowls are inserted into one another, which allows their easy storage. Minimum of accessories – maximum capacity: there are 26 to 32 functions depending on the model, including blender and grinder functions.

Simplicity of usage.

The engine speed automatically adapts itself depending on the preparation. There are only 3 buttons to control all functions. It is easy to clean. Each model includes the book of recipes.

Professional engine.

Powerful super quiet induction motor with improved performance guarantees reliability and high efficiency of process. It has 12 years warranty.

High quality.

100% Made in France. High-strength polycarbonate bowls are transparent and reliable. Blades and discs are from stainless steel Sabatier, the world-renowned manufacturer of high-end knives. They provide perfect quality, fast and accurate cutting.


Professional quality of batch for all kinds of dough. Homogeneous batch consistency of bread dough. Your bread always has thin crispy crust. Yeast dough is more airy.


There is very compact storage box for accessories. It saves place on the kitchen table. The cover is rotating and accessories are protected and always within reach.

All the Functions.

Metal stainless steel knife cuts with professional quality. It is ideal for chopping meat, grinding vegetables and crushing ice, milling nuts, shredding sauces, emulsions, soups and milk-fruit smoothies.

Kneader is for mixing the heavy dough. It is ideal for bread, sweet pastries, sweet cakes, fruit cakes …

Egg whisk is ideal for whipping creams and cream for cooking meringues, mousses, souffl├ęs, etc.

Centrifuge * allows you to have clear and pure juice from fruits and vegetables. There is ample basket of stainless steel. Special kit fitted to models with XL feed tube.

Juicer * has 2 cones for small and large citrus fruits.

Lid with XL feed tube* is ideal for grinding, grating and slicing at stock/wedges whole fruits or fruits and vegetables chopped into large chunks.

2 mm Shredder Disk is ideal for slicing fruits and vegetables into very thin slices of crispy potatoes, sweet pies …

4 mm Disk is spotless for slicing fruits and vegetables in slices of medium thickness for salads, baked in cheese and breadcrumbs dishes …

6 mm Shredder Disk * lets cut fruits and vegetables into thick slices.

2 mm grater disc is ideal for grating fruits, vegetables or cheese in thin shavings, for grated carrots, grated celery with mayonnaise sauce, grated Gruyere …

4 mm grater disc floats fruits, vegetables or cheese, carrots and celery with mayonnaise sauce, or for grated Gruyere …

6 mm grater disc* allows to rub fruits and vegetables in thick long strips.

Free disk/Straws* is for cooking French fries and slicing fruits and vegetables into cubes.

Disk for parmesan/chocolate *is perfect for grating parmesan and chocolate bars.

* it depends on model

Now let`s look at the every above mentioned unit. We review 3 models (3200, 4200XL & 5200XL), but in different colors. Pay attention that the variety of accessories some time depends on color.

Magi mix 3200 Food Processor in Satin and in White start our review. They don`t differ greatly. They have the same power (650W) and capacity of bowls. The guarantee term is 12 years for engine and 3 years for accessories. Standard set includes: small metal blade which used in the “mini bowl”. It easily chops, slices and blends small quantities of food. Large metal blade effortlessly chops, slices, liquidizes, blends and grinds all manner of foods. 2 and 4mm Grating/Slicing Discs (Reversible) give large gratings or thick slices of cheese, fruits and vegetables. Egg Whisk must be used with the main bowl to whip cream or beat egg whites for meringues, mousses and souffl├ęs. Dough Blade makes perfect consistence of your dough. Container for the accessories allows to store them accurately and doesn`t take a lot of place. The receipt book helps you to create masterpieces by own hands and food processor. Satin processor also has a disk for parmesan and chocolate. White one has blender mix attachment. This is the only difference except color, of course.

Magimix 4200XL Food Processor, Satin has 950W power which is necessary for all functions it provides. Its extra wide feed tube saves your time for slicing and shredding fruit, vegetables and cheese. The capacity of bowls is larger: 3,0 l, 2,6 l and 1,2 l. It is armed with all standard accessories. Parmesan disk and blender mix attachment are also included. Summarizing all the above we can say, that 4200XL fits to a large family or those party amateurs who like to regale their guests.


The family of 5200XL is represented by models of different colors: satin, satin finish and cream. Wonderful color for any kitchen with the most attractive design.

They are reliable, durable and efficient. Perhaps, these models are not ideal if you  have a small kitchen, but are ideal if you can keep them on the bench top, because they are large and heavy enough.

Extra large feed tube, three large bowls (3,6; 2,6 and 1,2 l), Smoothie Mix kit, Mash and puree kit, dough bowl kit, citrus press, parmesan disk and blender mix attachment… Must I mention all standard accessories? The 1100w power doesn`t seem too much for these aggregates. They cope with large quantities of mixture and products.  The guarantee period is 20 years for engine. These units will help you in every cooking process and save your time for a long period.


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