Magimix 4200XL Food Processor Reviews


Let me introduce Magimix 4200XL Satin.

All Magimix food processors are completely made in France. Developed over thirty years ago, today Magimix food processors are, of course, the worldwide necessary units. No wonder that the most famous chefs buy them for personal use. Its box is large and contains:

 1 x Food processor  42,5х21х26 cm.
  3 x Bowls
  1 x Feedtube
  1 x Blendermix attachment
  1 x Dough blade
  2 x Steel blades
  1 x Egg whisk
  1 x 2 mm Slicing/grating disc
  1 x 4 mm Slicing/grating disc
  1 x Parmesan disc
  1 x Spatula
  1 x Storage box
  1 x Recipe book.

You say WOW! Probably, you need not pay for products as they are included. No, they are not. But this unit can easy do everything with them. It saves your time spent in the kitchen, particularly if you have a large family or small children.

 Pay attention to an extra large feed tube for slicing and shredding whole or large pieces of fruit, vegetables and cheese. It also adds some futuristic feature to the modern design of processor.

A hugely powerful 950W motor in a food processor like this ensures that all jobs are easy and quick. The motor comes with a 12 year guarantee. Control panel with three buttons (On/Off/Pulse) is easy for operation of the processor which has 1 fixed speed to cover every job. The pulse button allows for quick, controlled bursts.

3 in 1 technology for bowls was invented by Magimix. Each bowl operates autonomously. All containers are multifunctional: you can prepare in any container of your choice. All three working bowls are inserted into one another, which allows their easy storage. Mini Bowl (1.2L) is used with the small metal blade. Ideal for chopping, mixing and blending small quantities or baby food. Midi Bowl (2.6L) is used in conjunction with the metal discs. Specially designed for grating or slicing cheeses, fruits and vegetables. Main Bowl (3.0L) can be used with the metal discs or the large metal blade. Great for grating or slicing larger amounts of cheese, fruits and vegetables.

Standard Accessories provided with this particular model are small metal blade which is used in the “mini bowl”. It easily chops, slices and blends small quantities of food. Large metal blade effortlessly do the same with large quantities of foods. 2 & 4mm Grating/Slicing Discs give large gratings or thick slices of cheese, fruits and vegetables. Parmesan disc is perfect for fine grating of chocolate and parmesan.


crumbly dough  1,4 kg

Bread dough     1,0 kg

Brioche             850g

Puree               1,3l

hamburger        1,0 kg

carrots              1,0 kg

egg whites          6

Container for the accessories allows to store them accurately and doesn`t take a lot of place. All parts are safe for the dishwasher.

You can enjoy cooking with the colorful receipt book. There one can find a wide choice of simple and exquisite dishes for every taste.

Pros and Cons
You will go for Magimix 4200XL because it is large enough and do cooking preparation tasks without hassle. You also go for it because the motor is so powerful with the incredible twelve years warranty. No complains about cleaning because you only need to put it in your dishwasher. And you cannot deny the elegant look of your kitchen if you have spacy one. If you live alone or just two people in the house, the unit may be too large for you. The positive sides are easy to use and easy to clean. Magimix 4200xl is really helping in the kitchen and the motor is so powerful and quiet. However, some people said that it is not deep enough for liquid that it spill out. The other issue is that the equipment did not slice small stuff like green onion.




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