Magimix 3200 Food Processor Review


Meet Magimix 3200 Food Processor in Satin. It is worthy representative of the known French trade mark Magimix.

All Magimix food processors are completely made in France. The French cuisine is recognized all over the world among the best ones. So they do know how to cook and can help us with it. Developed over thirty years ago, today Magimix food processors are, of course, the worldwide necessary units. No wonder that the most famous chefs buy them for personal use.

Modern design and pleasant color makes you wish to put it in the visible place in the kitchen to impress visitors. Its dimensions: (H x W x D): 39 x 19 x 22.5 cm. It is called compact and it is compact to compare with others. It saves 25% of the place without loosing of productivity. It may stand at the counter surface ready for everyday work.

Control panel is easy and also compact. It has only three buttons: On, Off and Pulse. The power of motor is 650W and motor warranty period is 12 years. This power is enough to all functions of the unit. The motor is quiet and can adjust the speed according to the load.

It is equipped with standard accessories. There are 3 polycarbonate bowls, a mini bowl, 1.2 l, a midi bowl, 2.2 l and a main bowl 2.6 l. Each bowl operates autonomously. All three working bowls can be inserted into one another, which allows their easy storage. Two blades are made of Sabatier stainless steel, one for the large bowl for the larger quantities and a small blade for the mini bowl and smaller quantities.  Blades and discs are from stainless steel Sabatier, the world-renowned manufacturer of high-end knives. Parts have 3 year guarantee.

The most often used processes are chopping, grating, slicing, mixing. They are quite tiring, aren`t they? The unit chops, slices, liquidizes, blends and grinds all kinds of foods. There are  2&4mm Grating/Slicing Discs (Reversible) which make a fine grating or slicing. Egg Whisk is used with the main bowl to whip cream or beat egg whites for meringues, mousses and souffl├ęs.. Dough Blade is ideal for bread, sweet pastries, sweet cakes, fruit cakes . It helps to knead the yeast, shortbread and flaky dough. Your bread always has thin crispy crust. Yeast dough is more airy. This model is also armed with a blender mix attachment.


crumbly dough 1 kg

Bread dough     600g

Brioche             500g

Puree               1,0l

hamburger        750g

carrots              800g

egg whites          5

Container for the accessories allows to store them accurately and doesn`t take a lot of place. All parts are safe for the dishwasher.

You can enjoy cooking with the colorful receipt book. There one can find a wide choice of simple and exquisite dishes for every taste.

Pros and Cons
This 650 watt motor food processor has been admitted as lovely machine for two persons by its customers. Most of them recommend this processor for your kitchen. It has modern and stylish design and is easy to be cleaned up. Furthermore, it fulfills the preparing food tasks very well. One can does those tasks without doing a lot of movements; just a few pulses are enough. Strong stainless steel Sabatier blades, 3-in-1 polycarbonate bowls, and reversible stainless steel Sabatier discs are nice features of this product. It is not cheap but is worth every spent penny. From the moment you take it out of the box and try it, you know that you have found a treasure.


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