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Magic Tracks Review

What could be more fulfilling than seeing your children’s eyes light up when you come home to give them a new play thing? Contrary to popular belief, toys can actually be good for your kids – giving them the opportunity to learn in ways that they truly enjoy and absorb. Play is a child’s main occupation after all.

Now, if you’re like any other parent, you might have already bought every toy at the store for your little rascals. What else is there to get them? If you’re in search for a toy that encourages creativity, teamwork, and imagination, then the Magic Tracks Race Track might just be perfect for your kids.

This bright, colorful, and whimsical race track is much more than just a lane for toy cars to drive on – it’s a great way to encourage some imaginative play which is one of the best learning methods for young minds.

Are you thinking of copping a Magic Tracks set for your kids? Make sure they meet your standards by checking out our comprehensive review.

At a Glance

The Magic Tracks look like any other colorful toy car race track on the market, but it adds a twist to the typical design. These tracks are made from a glow-in-the-dark material that makes them much more appealing to little kids. Sold separately are cars made specifically for the tracks – special models that emit light from underneath to keep the tracks glowing as they race through.

Also unlike other race tracks, the Magic Tracks are capable of bending, so your kid can experiment with cool curves and bends that add excitement to the entire construction. The bending feature also makes it easier to pack the toys away after the kids are done playing, allowing you to roll up the tracks and set them aside or store them away with ease.

Spark Creativity

One of the struggles of modern parenthood is encouraging kids to become more creative. With the dawn of technology, kids would rather soak themselves in videos, games, and TV shows, thus limiting their play and restricting them to their screens.

With the Magic Tracks race track toy, you can help encourage better creativity and imagination in your kids. The toy promotes the use of the hands, and prompts kids to come up with their own unique ideas so they can continue to exercise their brains in a way that they can truly appreciate.

Bright and Colorful

The Magic Tracks come in a variety of different colored pieces that snap together to create a rainbow track. The tracks also glow-in-the-dark for added aesthetic effect. For kids, this can be very enticing, drawing them in and maintaining their attention span for much longer.

For parents, this means you can have the Magic Tracks on display in your kids’ room or your play area, giving the space the perfect children’s interior design style. You can encourage your kids to create new track designs every day and then reward their creativity by having their creations on display somewhere in your home.

Problem-Free Pack Away and Storage

One of the most tedious things you’ll find yourself doing over and over again once you’re a parent is packing away your kids’ toys. Most race tracks need to be taken apart before they can be set aside in storage, but the Magic Tracks change that.

This top notch toy can be stored easily without taking apart the pieces that your children have put together. If you don’t want to keep their creations on display, simply roll up the tracks and store them away without losing any pieces. With this race car track, you can say goodbye to the lengthy process of trying to pick up after your kids.

Intuitive Design

The track pieces are designed specifically to give your kids more options when it comes to designing their tracks. The tracks can bend and curve in a variety of ways, so your children can experiment with different ideas and bring even their wildest imagination to reality.

Another thing that makes the design smart all together is the fact that the brand also sells toy cars for tracks that help maximize the tracks’ aesthetic. The light up cars power up the glow-in-the-dark feature making it possible for your kids to maintain that funky glow for a much longer period of time.

Pros of the Magic Tracks

• Versatile toy that allows your kids to let their imagination run loose, giving them the freedom to explore designs and discover new concepts through trial and error.

• Aesthetically pleasing, allowing you to keep the tracks on display in your children’s room or play room.

• Easy to pack away in case you want to be able to store your children’s toys away instead of having them out on display.

• Glow-in-the-dark feature adds a facet of excitement to the toy, making it even more inviting for curious young minds.

• Super affordable, allowing you to get your kids quality fun without the need to break the bank.

Cons of the Magic Tracks

• The tracks may not snap together as securely, which means some designs may not hold.

• Cars can overheat when allowed to run on the track for too long.

The Verdict

Of course, the Magic Tracks aren’t a perfect toy, but for the sake of encouraging your kids to get more creative with their hands, it’s definitely not a bad choice. At the end of the day, these tracks will give your kids hours of imaginative play, which can be a good enough reward for a parent who wants to give their children quality entertainment and fun at a friendly budget.


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