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The stainless steel BBQ Lynx grills are one of the best high-end gas grills you can find today. If you are a fan of the television programs featuring cooking competitions such as Iron Chef America, you have probably noticed how a professional Lynx gas grill had been frequently featured on these reality shows.

So what is so special about Lynx barbecue grill?

Many people claim that Lynx professional grills will cook gourmet restaurant quality barbeques without your having the skills and experience of a seasoned chef. It is like earning a certificate from a culinary school and being able to cook your favorite bbq meals to perfection, every single time, without having to go through years of training, trail and errors.

From green veggies, delicate seafood, fish, to something tougher to cook like burgers, sausages, New York steaks or pork ribs, your crowd of craving barbecue guests will always be amazed.

Some people say that Lynx bbq grills are way too expensive and over-the-top just for home family backyard grilling. The price is ranging from $3000 to near $10000 and more. Yet Lynx owners love its simplicity, ease of use, and polished elegant look, which really adds to showcase your luxury outdoor kitchen, and it becomes the point of talk for many guests.

Apart from outdoor grilling, Lynx also offers complete solutions for top performing stainless kitchen appliances, including refrigerators, beverage dispensers, warming drawers, ovens, cooktops, ranges, patio heaters, etc. to suit any custom design you might have in mind.

Detailed Lynx Grill Review

Lynx has really thought of its customers and made the lineup of their outdoor gas grills really simple and easy to choose, with no frills and fluffs.

You have the choice of 27″, 30″, 26″, 42″ and 54″ Lynx gas grills offering you from 685 to 1555 sq. inches of grilling area.

The Pros

Using Smoker Box with Lynx Barbecue Grills

  • Powerful burners, at 25,000 BTU each. With total grilling power starting from 50,000 to 100,000 BTU, Lynx grills are sure to satisfy the most demanding commercial requirements in busy restaurants or grill bars.
  • Burners are simple to remove for effortless cleaning.
  • Large cooking surface which is about 4″ deeper than most competitors in the luxury grilling market.
  • Gives you ability to grill with permanent ceramic briquettes for added smoky flavor, similar to charcoal grilling techniques, something not achievable with Viking or Thermador lines.
  • Solid H-pattern red brass used for burners are less prone to breakage in the long run, more energy efficient and give out better heating distribution when compared to stamped steel burners.
  • Rotisserie can handle up to two whole chickens at the same time, for slow and low juicy roasting.
  • Great extra grilling accessories like wind-deflection baffle, easy-lift hood and big warming racks .
  • Lynx is one of the rare companies to offer top-notch customer service, just as you would get from the famous Weber.
  • Solid high grade, thick, one-piece arc wielded 304 stainless steel construction for shiny finish and outstanding durability, which actually eliminates gaps to prevent grease and moisture collection.
  • Lynx models are manufactured in the heart of US for the best quality and have been reported to resist rusting and breakage after years of use, even under harsh changing weather conditions (with protection of vinyl Lynx grill cover).

The Cons

Lynx outdoor grills are expensive when compared to other high-end brands, like the Infrared Ducane, DCS wall ovens, Viking Range or TEC island modules, which can be obtained for around $2000 or less.

Best Lynx Gas Grill Model?


The Lynx 36″ Freestanding ProSear IR Grill has received a considerable amount to good customer reviews. The ProSear burner technology utilizes ceramic infrared heater with patented valve design to offer precise control over cooking temperature. It’s perfect, no matter if you cook Porterhouse steak on sizzling high or prefer grilled salmon on low.

The Lynx 36″ grill is notable for features such as easy to navigate LED lights on dials, short grilling time and very good value for the cost of under $4500. The Lynx 36″ professional grill sells so well because it is a well balanced unit – a perfect size for most steak searing tasks, big family weekend cookouts or serve on high volume BBQ parties. Though, some people have experienced faulty ignition systems. Instead of reliable electric sparks, this Lynx line up uses to coils to light the gas.

You can order Lynx built in grill or freestanding models. Both designs offer natural gas as well as LP (Lynx propane gas grills).

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