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Hi there – and thanks for dropping by! Since you are reading this it’s pretty obvious you are looking to find Luminess Air reviews. Honest reviews which have no connection to the companies in question are difficult to come by nowadays. This, here, is my personal attempt to shed some factual light on what you should expect from the Luminess Air makeup system.

Here, I will tell you all you need to know about this makeup system, and this includes any shortcomings that are part of the parcel. Once you’re through reading this review, you’ll know whether Luminess Air can simplify and better your makeup efforts or not.

Let’s get to it…

Luminess Air in the Mainstream

The makeup system shot to fame after it was featured on the TV show, ‘Tyra’, hosted by entertainer/singer /model Tyra Banks a few years ago. Since then, it has been used on the catwalk (in the NY fashion week), and has found an avid advocate in multiple Academy award winner for makeup, Ve Neills. What makes the Luminess Air system stand out from traditional makeup kits is that this system makes use of an airbrush to get the makeup on. With the use of the airbrush that comes as part of the kit, you can apply foundation, bronzer, blusher, and lumizer.

How the system supposedly works

As part of my review investigation I learned a bit about what makes the air brush tick (so to speak). It apparently sprays a fine colored mist covering the skins surface. You end up getting a smooth and fair complexion due to the very fine spay micro-dots which do not permeate below the skins surface. This is basically why pores don’t clog and become accentuated like some makeup types. For example some more traditional foundations have a more cakey appearance. This system will in fact let your pores breath since there is no clogging.

For information and tips on how best to apply airbrush makeup check out this link.

What Makes Luminess Air Popular?

So, what else keeps Luminess Air reviews positive?

  • The manufacturer states that there is no caking up like many other makeup type options alternatives. This allows the skin pore to not be clogged and breather easier.
  • The company also claims, all ingredients in luminess air makeup are oil + alcohol-free as well as hypo-allergenic. In addition, thorough dermatological testing was performed on all mineral and water based ingredients – everything passed 100%. It essentially means that all skin types regardless of sensitivity, condition or age are totally safe and fine to use luminess air.
  • It lasts a LONG time! Supposedly, you can wear it over 18 hrs with a single application – there is no need to re-apply it.
  • It is water-resistant which effectively means sweat and tears will not affect anything.
  • The packages that can be ordered have 12 foundation and 3 types of finishes so there is plenty of variety for all kinds of skin complexions and types. The airbrush can apply not only foundation but also bronzer, lumizer, and blusher.

What Real Users Have to Say in other Luminess Air Reviews

I looked for quite a while trying to get a sense of what the real sentiment is out there about this product. The company obviously tells us it’s the best thing out there but what about the real users. Well luckily I did find a lot of real testimonials and comments so I’ve put them below for your reference so you don’t need to go out and search for your self. Honestly you’d be surprised at some of the crap out there (pardon my french). A lot of reviews are fake – both good and bad (company marketers and competitor company marketers respectively). It wasn’t particularly easy to work out which ones were genuine. I learned a few telltale signs though and after a while think I managed to sift out some credible reviews for you all. For example here is a snippet from one on Amazon that is fairly representative of many comments out there:

The general consensus, it seems from various reviews is that Luminess Air does work, although it could take a little getting used to.

Where Can You Buy It And Where Is The Best Deal?

Despite the fact that there are scores of websites which sell the Luminess Air system, I attempted to find the best place to buy it. The most affordable option I came across was at the official Luminess Air Trial website where you can save $100 on both the ‘beauty’ and the ‘pro’ alternatives. The special 30 day trial offer on the official luminess company site is exclusive to there. Another nice bonus on the site is that the shipping and handling charges are FREE.

Whether you are interested in the trial offer or not I would point out that purchasing it elsewhere isn’t really recommended as you won’t be able to take advantage of the FULL money back guarantee, 1 year warranty, free S/H or the high standard of support directly from the company (also some sites are untrustworthy so getting it from the the official one is safer too).

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