Lucid Hd7 Red Dot Sight Gen 3


Perfectly aiming is not only facilitated by a good riflescope, but also by a firm holding edge. How you position your scope matters a lot. That is why the Lucid HD7 red dot sight, Gen III is designed with rubber armor and the frame is made of aluminum. The capabilities and the features of this cope are passed the quality standards. That means it is the best scope to use when it comes to sport optics and in war scenarios. The gear is also protected from any kind of shock, for or water. This makes it more reliable for outdoor pursuit.

A moving target is difficult to find, it takes a lot focus and concentration, but not with Lucid HD7 red dot sight, Gen III. This spectacular scope is not only enhanced in aiming a constant target, but a moving one as well. The HD7 has four selectable reticles based on 2MOA. These reticles offer the shooter a solution to its moving target and enhance the brightness in order to create a perfect open target for you. The built in reticles which facilitate the brightness of the scope can be operated both manually and automatically.

Lucid HD7 red dot sight, Gen III possesses a lot of capabilities and all of them are powered by a single tripled battery. Because of this reason, the Lucid HD7 red dot sight, Gen III gives you the option of switching some of these features off. The battery is placed at the front of the optic and can last for a sequence of one thousand hours. Manually switching off the features is a great way of saving your battery. The auto shut off feature terminates the view after two hours, but can be prolonged in combat when necessary.

Specs of Lucid HD7 red dot sight, Gen III

The Lucid HD7 red dot sight, Gen III is designed with spectacular features that make the scope durable and reliable when it comes to shooting. Because of this reason, most sport optics and law enforcers have chooses to use the Lucid HD7 red dot sight, Gen III in challenging situations. Here are some of the fascinating features found in Lucid HD7;

  • Aluminum frame with durable rubber. This aids the shooter when it comes to lower 1/3 fast and accurate aiming.
  • Four selectable reticles, which come in handy during any shooting situation
  • Water, fog and shock proof resistant
  • Thirteen millimeter mounting nuts
  • Mounting pins
  • Auto brightness sensors, which facilitate better viewing during the night and dim conditions
  • Auto shutoff knobs

The Lucid HD7 red dot sight, Gen III also comes with capped half MOA adjustments. There is also a single battery, which can also be bought as a single accessory. The Lucid HD7 red dot sight, Gen III also has thirty four millimeter objective lenses and twenty millimeter ocular lenses. You will also find an eye relief, which is unlimited in magnification and a pica tinny rail mount that is built in permanently.

Pros of Lucid HD7 red dot sight, Gen III 

Lucid HD7 red dot sight, Gen III comes with a number of advantages starting with a lifetime warranty, which means you can replace any part of the scope in case of any accident. Another great aspect about this scope is that it senses the condition of the light and uses the reticles to adjust to a more favorable lighting for aiming.


The Lucid HD7 red dot sight, Gen III is not only popular for its accurate aiming acquisition, but also for its durability. It also comes with a manual script on how you can use this lower mountable version to its full potential.


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