Low-Quality CCTV Camera


Is it worth it to use a low-quality CCTV camera?  

With today’s improved technology, CCTV cameras can capture almost any picture in crisp detail, as well as record these images automatically onto a permanent storage unit for later identification. Yet in some cases it is not uncommon to find that all you have available at your disposal is a low quality, older security camera that captures blurry images, making faces barely recognizable. These cameras are not as useful for identification, and can make it so your CCTV camera is not as effective as it was previously.

Still, there are benefits to still using a low quality CCTV camera, rather than no camera at all, so that if it is the only camera at your disposal you will still get a great deal of use out of it.

How Can Low Quality CCTV Cameras Still Help You

·        Activity Monitoring

Most security cameras can be used to monitor things as they happen. Security officers, for example, will watch a screen in case any activity is occurring that requires their assistance. Though they may not be able to make out who the individual is simply based on the blurry image, they can still go after someone they see performing illegal activities. Those that are monitoring security cameras rarely need to make out faces to know what is going on. They simply need to be able to notify security staff that something is amiss within their company.

·        Post Identification

One of the main complains about low quality cameras is that it is difficult to make out faces for identification. However, this is only true on post-hoc analysis. If the tape can be used to catch the individual in the act of committing the crime, then it will be easily established who is on the tape, and the tape can still be used as evidence against that individual. Once the individual has been identified and it can be proven they were on the tape by getting them on camera, the tape still has its use for prosecuting the individual.

·        Price

In this day and age, low quality cameras are so superfluous that few people own them willingly. As a result, it is not difficult to find clearance cameras that are selling for barely a fraction of the cost of the higher quality security cameras available. If you cannot afford a high end CCTV system in your business, these cameras should at least temporarily suffice until you can purchase a better system in its place.

The Drastic Improvements in Technology

Those that have watched real security camera footage have seen how blurry these cameras can be. But in the last 5 years or so, technology for security cameras has increased dramatically, to the point where almost all modern security cameras show incredible detail. Still, as with all forms of technology, the increase in capabilities may come with an increase in cost. If you have only a small budget and need to put a security system in place, low quality cameras still have their uses, especially if you are monitoring the video live.


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