Lose Fat, Not Weight!


Have you heard of the The Biggest Loser? My friends are crazy about this program. It is a TV program where people compete to lose as much weight as they can and as quickly as they can. It is a very popular program and the weight loss is sometimes dramatic. The show is entertaining and from time to time I like to watch it myself.

Although I must admit the program is entertaining, from a professional point of view, I must say I am not impressed. The programs they engage in are specially designed to make them lose weight fast at all costs. But am I the only one who knows that losing weight fast is not good?

Here are a few reasons why hurrying up to lose weight is not good.

You should know that weight loss does not equal fat loss. You can still be fat but weigh less. Weight loss means losing water, muscle tissue and only a small quantity of body fat. Unfortunately, the metabolism needs those muscles in order to function properly and to burn the calories. The muscles help the metabolism to consume calories. If you do not have muscles or they are slim, the metabolism will become slower and the calories you ingest every day will start to build up in your body. This means you have done all that work for nothing. The effect will not last in time. Also, if you lose weight and you gain it back, it will be two or three times more difficult to get rid of it.

In my years of experience I have learned that a fast reduction of bodyweight will increase the chances of gaining it all back. It is true that everybody wants to lose the weight really quickly. But when I train a person I do not want the person to lose weight. I want the person to lose fat! They can still have the same number of pounds but have a slimmer, more sculpted body. It is fine by me! Losing fat is done carefully and in a slow pace. Otherwise you will store back the fat.

If the fat loss program is done in the right manner, the excess body fat will be eliminated and you will keep the lean muscles. The muscles are vital for the metabolism, not only for the looks. It is very important that while you are losing fat, you train the muscles and shape them up. Only in this way you will be able to change the way in which your body looks and change that forever.

So let’s take a look at some people that have lost the excess body fat and how they did that.

The dieters are the first group of people we will study. They achieved their goal through a good diet and a regular exercise program. They work out about 45 minutes or more at least 3 days a week. They mix resistance training with cardiovascular training.

The “big losers” are the second group and they only change their diet without participating in exercises. On rare occasions they will consider some low-intensity aerobic workouts.

A great reason for success is accountability. If you are accountable of yourself and the amount of fat you have, you will be able to asses your situation and take the proper precautions and measures.

Here are some easy to do tips to lose the body fat:

Always have a high intensity workout. It is important not to be lazy. Do not do the exercises just for the sake of doing them because they will have no effect. If you do not put effort into it and enthusiasm, it will not work.

Add great importance to the resistance training. This resistance training will keep the metabolism fired up and buzzing far greater than doing a mild run on the treadmill or some other exercise. So do those exercises with all your heart!

Always control how much you eat. Measure the food levels and if there is too much on the plate, throw it away. Do not overeat. Try to measure the quantities and say no to food if you have had enough. Do not force yourself to finish the last bite. Take small portions and chew on every bite. Eat sitting down and without a hurry. Do not eat or drink food that have a lot of fat and sugar. Drink pure water instead of juices.

Focus all your efforts on loosing fat and not losing weight. It is very important to always measure the fat level in the body and see the evolution.

Always check the diet and make sure it is correct. Adjust it if you feel it is necessary. If there is some food you are dying to eat, eat it once a week and no more. Try not to feel deprived and look towards your goal.

Also try not to cheat when it comes to food and exercises. Make sure to follow all the rules. There is nobody there to supervise you and you are on your own. Only you are responsible of the way in which your body looks.


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