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How Do Loreal Sunless Tanning Ingredients Work?

Chronic stress. Bad genes. Lots of factors play a role in how well (or how badly) our skin ages. One cause is clear: sun damage.

It can be hard to reverse ray-induced wrinkles-it’s much easier to prevent them with products like a Loreal sunscreen.

Why L’oreal? – A basic Question…

They’ve been in the beauty business since 1909, and my mom always trusted their moisturizers and cosmetics.

So after seeing creases appear in my mirror I wanted to find out if products like the Loreal sunless tanning lotions would prevent my skin from suffering even more sun damage. Here’s what I found about their sunscreens:

Loreal Sunless Tanning Ingredients

The main ingredient in this line is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a safe dye that reacts with skin cells to create that tanned look. Loreal lotion sunless tanning products also contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), which smoothes and softens skin that’s being blasted by the sun’s rays.

Looking for a tanning lotion that also protects your skin? Loreal self tanner Sublime Bronze provides SPF 15 protection, which is the minimum level recommended by the health professionals at WebMD.

Reviewers gave mixed ratings to these tanning products. While some online users loved the bronze tone look they delivered, others reported being turned off by the greasy feel and strong smell.

L’oreal Ombrelle Sunscreen


Loreal Ombrelle Sunscreen – Blocks UVA & UVB

This sun block contains Mexoryl, which stops the UV rays that break down skin’s elasticity and lead to wrinkles and sags. The ingredient is also photostable, which means it won’t lose its protection power as quickly as standard drug store sunscreens.

The product is also designed to be skin friendly. These Loreal sunscreens are packed with moisturizers and are free of fragrances and colorants that irritate sensitive skin.

Online reviewers loved its protection power and the ability of the waterproof formula to withstand activities like swimming, snorkeling, and surfing. However some users complained of the product’s greasiness. This Loreal sun block can be a challenge to find, but its fans say that it’s worth the search.

My Recommendation & Tips

If you’re like me and want maximum protection against lines, creases, and splotches, Loreal Ombrelle sunscreen is a smart choice.

You can buy Loreal sunless tanning online cheaply with free shipping and the tanner will deliver a bronzed look, but not all formulations offer sun block.

No matter which Loreal sunscreen we choose, the most important thing is that we use it frequently-after all, why treat wrinkles later when we can prevent them now?


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