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Reviews of Loreal Cosmetics Most Effective Skincare Lines

We’ve seen the slick ads for Loreal skin care products. We’ve seen their flawless celebrity spokes models.


But does Loreal product work for the rest of us mere mortals-the ones who are taxiing kids to afterschool practices and managing busy careers? If you’re like I am, you’re on-the-go and don’t want to waste time or money on products that don’t work.

Here’s the rundown on what I learned about the company’s Loreal skincare lines:

  • Loreal beauty products aren’t concocted by some guy working out of his mom’s garage. According to its website, the skin care giant manufactures 23 global brands and, in 2009 alone, filed for more than 650 patents.
  • Loreal cosmetics and skin care lines are formulated to provide cutting-edge, top-quality products that deliver what the company calls “luxury beauty.”
  • One of the brand’s strengths is the variety of skin care maintenance and anti aging formulations. The Loreal skin care product line features several power players in the battle for youthful and healthy-looking skin.

Here is a buying guide for the most popular & top rated Loreal products:

Loreal Wrinkle De-Crease


Loreal Wrinkle Cream developed by this beauty company to visibly reduce wrinkles and the expression lines that come from the things we do every day, like frowning and smiling. It was also designed to eliminate dry patches and even out skin tone.

While some online reviewers wrote that it reduced wrinkles, many others were not as excited. For example, some reported that it was an effective moisturizer, but that they noticed little reduction in their lines and wrinkles.

Other customers, however, gave these specific Loreal wrinkle creams a thumbs down for their strong perfume-y fragrance.

Loreal Revitalift


Recently I noticed creases around the eyes. So I decided to find out if the anti wrinkle Loreal Revitalift eye cream for day and night protection would be worth my time and money.

These are Loreal products for those who are starting to fight the battle against Father Time. Its key ingredient is retinol, a form of vitamin A that makes the skin stronger and more elastic.

Revitalift offers comes in: Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair, Double Eye Lift, Cleansing Towelettes and – for those of us who fear the dreaded turkey neck- Face & Neck Cream.

Loreal Sublime Anti Cellulite


Loreal cellulite cream comes in a night and a day formula, and is created to directly target fatty deposits. The night lotion is described as a heavier cream that has a fragrance, while the day cellulite cream is supposed to be non-greasy and fragrance free.

For women who prefer anti cellulite gel, Loreal offers the Sublime Slim anti-cellulite and skin sculpting formula.

However, as a consumer, I was less than impressed by the science behind the product. The Loreal website didn’t list ingredients for any products in the line. Listings on Amazon mention that it contains caffeine to reduce cellulite and Par-Elastyl to firm the skin.

Loreal Age Perfect


L’Oreal Dermo-Expertise Age Perfect for Mature Skin

Are your wrinkles going deep? This product line delivers rich moisturizers that penetrate the skin so those all-important collagen fibers-the building blocks of skin-can rebuild.

This line also includes High Potency Serum, which helps the skin rebound from the density loss and uneven skin tone triggered by menopause.

One of the keys ingredients is a soy seed protein that helps the body rejuvenate the skin’s natural fibers.

Loreal Microdermabrasion Kit


L’Oreal Dermo-Expertise Refinish Micro-Dermabrasion Kit

Think of Loreal refinish microdermabrasion kit as a targeted damage control strategy for existing lines and wrinkles. The kit includes two products.

The first is an exfoliating cream that uses professional-grade crystals to smooth and even out aging skin.

The second product is a moisturizing serum formulated to soothe the exfoliated skin as well as protect against further damage with an SPF 15.

Loreal Collagen Filler Treatment


L’Oreal Wrinkle Decrease Collagen Filler – Wrinkle Reducer

These Loreal skin care products are marketed as super-targeted wrinkle reducers that fill in lines and alleviate darkness and puffiness around the eyes.

The Collagen Filler line includes Micro-Pulse Eye Cream, which contains Erasyl. It’s a promising-sounding name for an ingredient that claims to reduce under-eye circles.

The eye Loreal cream also includes a massager that alleviates circles by unclogging the vessels that create that raccoon-like look.

Loreal Sunscreen


Chronic stress. Bad genes. Lots of factors play a role in how well (or how badly) our skin ages. One cause is clear: sun damage.

It can be hard to reverse ray-induced wrinkles-it’s much easier to prevent them by blocking unhealthy – excessive sunlight.

Here I explain how Loreal sunscreen ingredients work. For total protection against sun damage, I recommend you buy the Loreal Ombrelle sunless tanning lotion. This sun block product contains Mexoryl, which stops the UV rays that break down skin’s elasticity and lead to wrinkles and sags.

Loreal Skin Genesis

Looking for naturally smooth and even skin in just four weeks? According to the company, this is the skin care regimen for you.

These Loreal skincare products contain hyaluronic acid, which allows skin to regain bounce and strength. Pro-Xylane is another advertised ingredient, but the company website offers few specifics about how it works. Loreal Ideal skin genesis includes cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and a pore minimizer.

The Verdict

Loreal formulates a range of high-quality products to address nearly any common skin problem, from lines and wrinkles to splotchiness and redness. In my review of customer ratings, two particular products stood out as the best ones to buy:

  1. Many users rave about the Loreal dermabrasion kit for its ability to smooth lines and create an even, healthy-looking skin tone. Reviewers with sensitive skin did report that the exfoliation cream made their skin red and uncomfortable.
  2. Loreal Age Perfect is another line that garners good to excellent ratings from online reviewers. They love its ability to reduce wrinkles and even out the skin tone that becomes mottled with age. Like other products that contain retinol, however, it can leave sensitive skin irritated and red, according to some users.

No matter what problem area might be, from age spots to crow’s feet, this company’s established reputation and wide range of formulas makes Loreal skin care products a good bet for my aging skin-and yours, too.


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