Loreal Cellulite Cream Reviews


Will Anti Cellulite Loreal Sublime Work?


Cottage cheese. Hail damage. Orange peel. It doesn’t matter what you call it, you want to be rid of the cellulite that dimples your legs and buttocks.

Me too. And, just like you, I don’t have the time, money, or desire to have the cellulite vacuumed out in a doctor’s office, so I wanted to learn more about cellulite creams.

I’ve heard lots of positive reviews of Loreal skin care products, so I thought I’d find out if a Loreal cellulite cream would actually work.

The Loreal Anti Cellulite Cream Products

If you’re looking for products that are anti cellulite, Loreal Sublime is one of the brand’s formulas. These creams, which come in a night and a day formula, were created to directly target fatty deposits. The night lotion is described as a heavier cream that has a fragrance, while the day cellulite cream is supposed to be non-greasy and fragrance free.

For women who prefer anti cellulite gel, Loreal offers the Sublime Slim anti-cellulite and skin sculpting formula. The manufacturer recommends applying it twice a day for at least four weeks to see results.

The Science Behind Loreal Cellulite Creams & Gels

As a consumer, I was less than impressed by the science behind the product. The Loreal website didn’t list ingredients for any products in the line. Listings on Amazon mention that it contains caffeine to reduce cellulite and Par-Elastyl to firm the skin.

According to an article on Medical News Today, caffeine is reported to increase blood flow to the skin while helping the cells flush out properly. The experts say that while it’s possible that this would make the skin look firmer temporarily, it is not a long term fix for cellulite.

The Customer Reviews

This anti cellulite cream, like many others on the market, receives decidedly mixed reviews. My review of online customer ratings found that a number of customers reported Loreal cellulite cream improved the look and feel of their skin. They do, however, report that it can take up to 3 weeks before seeing results-so don’t expect results if you slather this on the night before your first romantic beach getaway with a new boyfriend.

Other customers were harsh on the Loreal cellulite lotion products. Users complained about the smell and the greasy feel of some formulas. They also said it flat-out didn’t do a thing to eliminate dimples.


So is anti cellulite Loreal product the cure for my lumpy, bumpy thighs?

Reviews are mixed. If you want to get rid of cellulite, Loreal treatment options provide a range of products.

However, science doesn’t support the idea that creams and gels will eliminate cellulite. But Loreal cellulite cream usually runs less than $15 a bottle (or under $25 for pack of 2), and at a price like that it seems like it’s worth a try. After all, the alternatives include exercising and eating well or a trip to see the plastic surgeon.


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