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Loreal Wrinkle Decrease, Collagen Filler & Eye Creams

It happens to everyone. One day you look in the mirror and you see something that wasn’t there yesterday. You turn the head one way and then the other. It’s still there. The dreaded wrinkle.

When I started noticing lines and creases, I knew it was time to find products that were more than hype. I’d always heard good things about Loreal wrinkle cream, so I wanted to find out if their products would really work.

The first place I visited was the company website. I learned they’d been around since the early 1900s, which made me feel comfortable that they understand what women want from an anti aging product.

So I dug deeper into what their formulas had to offer, and here’s what I found:

Loreal Anti Wrinkle Creams Overview

The Loreal company offers a range of anti aging creams formulated to make skin look younger and healthier. Age Perfect creams, available in day and night formulas, offer deeply-penetrating moisturizers to brighten and hydrate maturing skin.

Another of the Loreal wrinkle creams, Revitalift Complete, is rich with the powerhouse antioxidant Pro-Retinol A. This form of vitamin A destroys the free radicals-or oxygen molecules-that make skin look older. It also contains skin-protecting SPF 18 to guard against future damage.

Reviewing the online ratings for these products, I found that many users reported a positive difference in their skin. Even fans, however, noted that it takes several weeks of regular use to see noticeable results. And, like many other cosmetics, women with sensitive skin reported reactions including irritation and redness.

Loreal Collagen Filler

This Loreal product might sound like a procedure listed on the slick brochure at the plastic surgeon’s office, but it’s actually an over-the-counter wrinkle reducer.

According to the company website, it fills in lines with the protein called collagen. They also report that in a small study of 50 users, nearly 80% of women noticed their wrinkles had filled in.

Consumer reviews of the product, however, didn’t reflect the same results as the study. Some users of the Loreal wrinkle cream said their lines were less visible, while many others noted no noticeable effect.

Loreal Wrinkle Decrease

A type of collagen filler developed by this beauty company to visibly reduce wrinkles and the expression lines that come from the things we do every day, like frowning and smiling. It was also designed to eliminate dry patches and even out skin tone.

While some online reviewers wrote that it reduced wrinkles, many others were not as excited. For example, some reported that it was an effective moisturizer, but that they noticed little reduction in their lines and wrinkles.

Other customers, however, gave these specific Loreal wrinkle creams a thumbs down for their strong perfume-y fragrance.

Loreal Eye Cream

Eye wrinkles are never in style, so it was important for me to find the perfect solution for my eyes. Loreal offers a wide range of anti aging formulas designed to address every eye concern. For instance, Age Perfect Eye Cream contains anti-sagging and eye-brightening ingredients to perk up aging eyes. Another anti wrinkle formula, Revitalift Eye, uses powerful antioxidants and extracts from marine botanicals to battle puffiness, firm skin, and reduce wrinkles.

It all sounds so nice, but does it work? I checked out online reviews from actual customers and found that overall there was a big following for Loreal eye cream. Although a few users with sensitive skin reported stinging sensations or redness after use and a few more reported no visible results, many customers reported good results, including less-noticeable bags and fewer fine lines.

The Verdict

After reviewing the company website and reading comments from real users, I’m inclined to stay away from products that did not get consistently good reviews, like the cream Loreal Wrinkle Decrease lotion.

However, other types of Loreal wrinkle cream will be on my shopping list, particularly the ones with the most positive comments, like the anti aging eye de crease products and Loreal anti wrinkle cream Age Perfect or Revitalift. Don’t you just love it when you find products that live up to the hype?


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