Living Off The Grid – The How To Guide On Getting Off The Grid


If you are planning to build your own windmill or solar power generator, then my good friend Ben has some great advice on how to build them for cheap and maximize energy output. Click here to read it.

If you’re like most people, you crave and value your freedom and independence. You are not alone. For hundreds of years, the American way has always been to do things yourself and be self-reliant.

Whether you pay $100 a month for electricity or $400 a month, you always get the nagging feeling that you are being ripped off. After all the technology and advances in this world, isn’t there a cleaner, cheaper source of energy? Does one always have to rely on the power company for all your power needs?

Times are changing. Time are getting tough. Recessions and depressions will come and go like cars in a fast-food drive-in. The only way to protect yourself from uncertain times and not be forced to rely on possibly corrupt 3rd parties is to go off the grid; to make all your electricity for good by yourself at no future cost.

Currently there are 2 sources of infinite power and that is solar power and windmill power. The pro’s and con’s are:

Solar Power Pros:

1. Clean

2. Looks nice

3. Takes up much less space than windmills

4. Produces more power than windmills typically

Solar Power Cons:

1. Expensive to build

2. Does not work during the night or during cloudy days

3. May need more batteries to store power

4. More expensive per kilowatt per dollar due to cons #1-3.

Windmill Power Pros:

1. Clean

2. Generates more power or kilowatts per dollar

3. Works all the time in any weather

4. More sturdy and terrain resistant than solar panels

Windmill Power Cons:

1. Takes longer to setup or build

2. Takes up a lot of space

3. May not look so good

4. May not produce a lot of power due to one big  flaw

5. Possibly cheaper if done right

Now it’s very hard to type out how to actually build either of these two infinite power sources but there is a guide out there that will walk you through, step by step, the benefits of both solar power and windmill power. It was written by an acquaintance of mine named Ben Ford. Regardless of which power source you choose, you will be shown the fastest, cheapest way to build either. Personally I chose solar power because I wanted my home to look nice but it was pretty expensive. The guide I recommend is a good primer on how to start getting off the grid for only $200-$300. If you’re looking to power your entire home then with this guide you can build a $4000 power system for only $1500, a savings of $2500 off the normal prices you see out there.

The savings is the result of intelligent and patient design and placing of your solar panels or windmills in optimal positions, which is taught in that guide.

If you decide to take some of Ben’s advice, he will teach you:

1. The proven way to get off the grid that works correctly. 1000′s of people have succeeded following Ben’s advice.

2. The way solar panels really work in relation to the sun and harness the basics into a maximized kilowatt generator.

3. To build a complete solar panel for less than $100 each using a colored diagram with exact step-by-step instructions on how to wire all the cells correctly and seamlessly.

4. Solar power calculation. Use this mathematical formula to figure out how many panels you will need to power your home. This will lead you to buying or building the appropriate sized battery to store your energy.

5. The optimal place to mount all your solar panels.

6. How to correctly fill out the tax credit and tax rebate forms when going “green” and telling uncle sam.

7. Complete analysis and explanation of the internal wiring plan of your house and solar panels. Failure to follow this will result in sub-par solar power generation.

8. Wind power basics.

9. Build wind turbines for less than $150 and 2 hours of your time.

10. Wind maps of your area to figure out exactly how much wind power you can expect to generate.

11. Why what you do will help save this planet.

Ben’s guide is not for everyone though because it does have some cons, which are:

1. Lotta information. There were ebooks and videos aplenty. While organized, it still felt a bit overwhelming.

2. Tax credits for building green energy devices were a little confusing for me to claim. Dealing with the IRS is always a pain.

3. Personal queries or questions from me took 3 days to respond to. I prefer 24 hours.

4. There is some work involved. While it only took a few days worth of work to install everything, building a self-reliant power system is always a lot of work.

Overall, if you truly are serious about getting off the grid, especially if you want to power your whole house, then read and follow Ben’s advice before you overpay by upwards to 166%. That’s a lot of money.

Make windmill power (use this link)Make solar power (use this link)

If you’re contemplating buying retail solar panels that are $1000+, know that you can build the exact same type and productive solar for at least 50-75% off that. Why is it so cheap? Because most people do not know how to wire the panels and mount them correctly for maximum power output. Same goes for windmills because you not only have to build it correctly, you need to figure out where to place it so you get maximum wind blowing through the turbine fans. Remember, Ben is just someone I know and his advice has definitely helped me out when I built my own solar panels so see if what he has to say will work for you too. Ben’s site can be found here.


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