Linhai Yamaha Generator XG Power Model


For less than $800 you can buy a Lin Hai Yamaha generator xg with plenty of power. These Lin Hai generators are from a wholesale dealer who sells on an online auction site and delivers them new in box.

The Lin Hai Yamaha Generator XG delivers tons of power for running equipment that need a heavy load such as air compressors and heaters. The Lin Hai generators have electric starts, recoil backup for the start, quality ignition that is maintenance and worry free as well as a brushless alternator. The Lin Hai Yamaha XG generator has a large but noise free muffler system and a black steel tubular shaped frame that offers a fuel gauge that’s a cinch to read.

Fuel efficient, you’ll get as much as eight hours of continuous Lin Hai generator use with just one tank of diesel fuel. Its output is 12 volt DC. You can even use it for recharging batteries.

If you buy Lin Hai generators from a retailer you’re going to pay more than $2000 generally. From this wholesaler and this auction site, however, you get a half price deal – $999. Of course, you’ll have the shipping cost but you still save considerably. If you’d like a shelf bracket for your Lin Hair generator that’s an additional $20.

Other features for this power delivering Lin Hai Yamaha generator xg include dual voltage for operation at 120 or 240 volt, an overhead valve engine that is efficient, quiet and delivers top of the line reliability. It has a cylinder lining made of cast iron, which dissipates heat exceptionally well, and allows the generator to perform consistently no longer how long it has to run. Its fuel gauge is built for easy operator monitoring.

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