Linear Dc Electric Generators – Many Pros


A linear dc electric generators is a fairly new invention that is still coming out on the market. The idea behind the linear dc electric generator is it provides a linear motion of electric power and contains a rare magnet and coil of wire that are positioned to move back and forth in a straight line relative to one another. The movement from the coil and field of magnet produces a current in the coil. This in return produces motion which sparks electricity.

Dc electric is becoming more and more popular over AC because producing electricity or power from a magnet is much less expensive than something with a motor. There are a lot of products now popping up on the market as everyone becomes green savvy or conscious about our environment.

By using a magnet to help produce energy it doesn’t put off any harmful rays and is 100 percent safe. Magnets are found in the earth not built in a factory, there are a lot of pros and cons to using magnets over motors.

A definite pro to using a magnet than a motor is the cost… If a machine or piece of equipment breaks it is a whole lot more costly to fix a piece of machinery and/or ordering parts than purchasing a magnet.

There are a lot of products that are now being made with linear dc electric generators such as cars, speakers and now generators. The choices are becoming endless on the possibilities that can be done with magnets rather than motors. If the power goes out it would be a whole lot easier and cheaper to run a linear dc electric generator than a gas or propane generator.

When a magnet is produced there is no energy wasted from it, even the government uses it every once in a while, sometimes you will receive pointless little magnets to place on your refrigerator. Things are evolving every day, will magnets be the future.

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