Line of Fire Tactical Gloves


The line of fire tactical gloves tactical gloves are manufactured from goatskin leather for extreme conditions of performance. They use pittards digital print sheepskin leather for high quality unbeatable grip and have a very high durability.

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Features of Line of Fire Tactical Gloves

Line of fire tactical gloves have unique features such as TEGS grip system which gives a perfect grip in both wet and dry weather conditions. They are flexible and stay resistant on the knuckle and fingers to keep them protected and safe from danger. These gloves also come with a pre curved design that will help giving instant comfort. The construction is extremely durable and can be trusted because the material used is 100% NOMEX which is fire resistant. Line of fire has literally changed the meaning of gloves; the standard they have set is unbeatable and unforgettable.

Additionally, the company has created a revolutionary grip system which has two parts they both when combined are unbeatable. The grip strength is very stable, and it can hold about 280% greater than leather gloves. These gloves cannot be affected by water, oil, dust, sand, grease or any other fluids that you can think of.

Line of fire gloves also come with Sensa Touch technology that can work well enough with IPads, iPhone’s, touch screens in vehicles and any other thing that requires touching and picking. This sums up in giving no discomfort or distortion.

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