Lindo Apprentice Red Tiger Acoustic Guitar & Full Accessory Pack 933c/trds


The Lindo 933C guitar is one of the brand new ranges of beginners to intermediate level acoustic guitars that are affordable and designed to provide an easy play. It has delicate details and uses quality woods which all Lindo guitars have which make them appear grand and attractive. Lindo had been creating range of guitars which offers excellent value for money, and with its complete package, this is the best deal to have. It offers you everything you need for playing guitar.

The Lindo 933C acoustic guitar comes with a copy of the ‘Total Guitar Recommended, Complete Finger style Tuition DVD and a Tab Book to help guitar players get quick and easy start.

Also included are other accessories that guitar players necessarily need. These must- have accessories include a quality canvass carry bag, a frame guitar stand, Lindo CT-5 clip-on tuner, and a nylon guitar strap. A set of spare strings are also provided to give players extra supply which is most needed during playing time to replace strings that may be broken. To complete the set is 10 pieces of plectrums.

This guitar is very playable; easy to play and easy to tune in and with the tune staying for a longer time; you don’t need to tune in always. The cutaway body design provides the player an easy to reach further down the neck.



A full size acoustic guitar with Venetian cutaway design and a tiger-stripe finish. It is very easy to tune and stays in tune for a longer time. It uses quality wood and having a unique shape and a cutaway body design allow players to reach further down the neck easily. This guitar is easy to play and easy to tune in as well. Other Features and specifications of this guitar include:

  • Overall height: 39 inches
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Two-way truss rod
  • Black ABS that serves as binding
  • Linden body back and sides
  • Catalpa neck
  • Black fingerboard binding
  • Cutaway body design and gloss body finish

This guitar package comes with a copy of the “Total Guitar Recommended”, Tuition DVD and a Tab Book. This provides information about playing the guitar that most beginners would need for a start up. It also encourages you to play your guitar more often and expand your knowledge in playing guitar while developing your ability to play quickly and efficiently.


This guitar provides a full accessory package that provides you with all the necessary tools for a quick and easy start up. These accessories also provides you convenience when playing such as the guitar stand and gives you comfort and easy to carry with the use of the carry bag. This accessory package includes:

  • Canvass carry bag
  • Guitar stand
  • Clip-on tuner
  • Nylon guitar strap
  • Spare strings
  • 10 plectrums


  • Low string action
  • Easy to tune and it stays in tune for a long time
  • The body design allows you to reach further down the neck easily
  • Comes with teaching aids for an easy start
  • Affordable
  • Easy to play
  • Provides a full package of accessories


  • Not an excellent choice for children; full size

This full size acoustic guitar not only suits beginners but intermediate level as well. It is created to be affordable and provides an easy play. The accessories that come with this guitar provide you better playing and comfort as well as convenience. It is really a great value for money!


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