This Lindo 93IC guitar is a brand new apprentice acoustic guitar that is specifically designed having subtle details and uses quality woods which make all Lindo guitars appear good. It produces a pleasant perfect sound. The 931C body and soundboard are made from high quality linden wood, which is then skillfully made into a compact auditorium shape to give a lovely and pleasant warm tone as well as brilliant and hard hitting highs. The maple fingerboard accompanies these warm tones with a catalpa neck and a vintage shaped headstock. This helps give a pleasant and warm tone as well as clear and pithy highs and the fingerboard that is made of maple goes well with the warm tone giving young guitarist and beginners a perfect choice of guitar for a start up.

Playability The action on the 931C is really light and low so gives the guitarist the feeling of ease when playing and can help beginners when learning scales and chords. This is encouraged by the C-shaped neck profile which is extremely user-friendly for both strumming accompaniment and finger-style playing. The 931C also features a Venetian cutaway in the body, which allows for access further up the neck. It is also fitted a string-through maple bridge to make string changes quicker and easier.

Overview The 931C has a dynamic balance across the neck and produces a generous amount of sound even with a slightly smaller body size. As well as the fine precision of the top end frequencies, the warm bottom end and rich mid tones will satisfy the most demanding of guitarists. It has low string action, easy to tune and stays in tune, unique design with a linden wood body, rosewood fingerboard and unique ‘classical-style’ string-through bridge.

The Lindo 93IC acoustic guitar has a catalpa neck and a classic shaped headstock with an elegant gold Lindo logo on it. The bridge which is also made of maple, and the ABS saddle with the ABS nut, holds and controls the tone of each string to a set of soft action chrome machine heads. This simple and attractive machine heads comes with ABS lozenge buttons that make sure the guitar keeps a precise and perfect tune.


  • 39” Acoustic guitar
  • Venetian cut away body style
  • Mahogany body top
  • Linden plywood body, back and sides
  • Catalpa neck
  • Two-way truss rod
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Matt body finish
  • Steel strings
  • Bird shape pick guard
  • Plastic end strap pin
  • Black ABS
  • Paper sound hole rosette
  • Fret Dots: WHITE ABS (3,5,7,9,12 DOUBLE, 15,17)
  • Side Dots: WHITE DOT (3,5,7,9,12 DOUBLE, 15


  • Item Weight                3.6 kg
  • Scale length                 Inches
  • String gauge                Medium
  • String Material            Steel
  • Top Material               Mahogany
  • Size                              Full (39 inches)
  • Product Dimensions    105.6 x 47 x 13.2 cm


  • The cutaway body design allow players to reach further down the neck
  • Produces lovely and pleasant warm tone
  • Easy to tune and stays in tune for a longer time
  • Good size for small players
  • Quick and easy to change the strings
  • A good guitar for both accompaniment and finger style playing
  • Suits novice players


  • Doesn’t have amplifier

The Lindo 93IC guitar is made in the UK by Lindo Guitars. It comes with a canvass carry case in a Lindo brand, and with carry straps and zip pocket for the accessories. It also includes a truss rod and an Allen key. Other models and colors are available on Amazon. You can search for ‘Lindo Guitar’ to find them.

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