Lil Peep Hoodies and T-shirts


The late Lil Peep will be remembered for his extraordinary “IDGAF” clothing style. The emo rapper has set a trend which now has a huge following. Even though he didn’t manage to garner the deserved commercial success during his lifetime, his untimely death sparkled a strong buzz. Peep is one of the many deceased artists, but his impact on the music and streetwear culture has influenced fans and fashionistas to buy official and unofficial merchandise with various designs of the rapper.

One of the most notable things that distinguish Lil Peep’s style from the others’ are his tattoos, as well as his neon-pink hairstyle. During his lifetime, he was also known for his extensive use of different kinds of drugs and he actively talked about his depression and anxiety issues. Therefore, there are numerous Lil Peep hoodies from Cool hoodies with photo prints of Peep’s face from different angles. Most pieces are heavily-saturated with pink and purple silhouettes.

There are even weirder prints that might at times be hard to recognize as Lil Peep bootlegs. A freelance designer has created a Simpsons-inspired version of the emo artist. The idea is further expanded by another Bart-looking character in white contrasting outlines and a “Hell Boy” branding under it, one of the nicknames used by the late rapper. This is probably a very recurring graphic text, as it can be seen on lots of other pieces.

Another design is a slime-like print featuring Peep’s tattoos and hairstyle. Probably one of the cutest unofficial Lil Peep prints ever made is a grey teddy bear with purple button eyes and nose and pink paws and chin. The bear has blonde hair and the rapper’s signature tattoos – CryBaby, Daddy, Love and others.

A personal favorite in this category of hoodies is the Lil Peep “Pikachu” tribute hoodie. It is unique in its own way, as it is skin-toned and in battle pose. The crossover depicts the cartoon character as an aggressive Pokemon with a big forehead and tattoos all over his body. Depending on your preferences and the season, you can either buy a T-shirt, a long-sleeve, a hoodie, a tank top, a crewneck sweatshirt and a baseball tee.

However, what’s most popular is the “R.I.P. Lil Peep” branding. It comes in a wide range of designs, each giving their own take on the idea in honor of the deceased rapper. A white skull decorated in pink delivers a neat tribute to the rapper. An emo emoji of Peep portrays him with half pink and half black short-to-medium hair and mouth and eyes wide open. There’s even a cyberpunk version of the artist featured in a traditional manga and anime style.

After his death in 2017, Lil Peep has definitely left an outsized legacy. His distinctive emo-revival style has triggered a huge wave of bootleg clothing and the webstores are flooded with the Pennsylvania-based rapper. Peep’s notoriety is so high that more and more people try to emulate the style of the original and official. From plain and simple to high-quality graphics, there is a wide range to choose from. nd the

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