Lifting Gloves Review


Lifting gloves for weight training and power lifting are offered in leather and other forms for great support during your workout.

Something that every weight trainer needs, no matter your skill level, is always going to be lifting gloves.  This is the only way that you can protect your hands, and yourself from the harsh action of lifting heavy weights.  The most important part of weight training is having the right equipment not only to strengthen your muscles, but also to keep you safe.  Lifting gloves go a long way to making you a safer, and smarter weight lifter, so that you can get the most out of your workout, while staying perfectly safe.

The main reason that lifting gloves are so important, is because they give you a much more firm grip, that can’t be compromised by your hands sweating.  This way you can hold any weight bar in confidence, and ensure that there is no risk of any weights slipping out of your hand.  This can be a danger as you work harder, and your hands continue to sweat.  Most weight bars have small groves to give you extra traction, but this isn’t always enough when your hands are sweating heavily.  The only way to stay perfectly safe, is by always wearing lifting gloves.

When you’re looking to purchase lifting gloves, you’ll always want to try each pair on to ensure that they fit you properly.  If the gloves are too small, they can force your hand into an uncomfortable position, or not allow you to close your fist completely.  This can be dangerous when lifting weights, and should be avoided at all costs.  Plus you’ll want to ensure your lifting gloves have the proper traction on the palm side to give you extra control of any bar that you will be training with.  This way you can give yourself an extra level of security you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Another factor to consider is always going to be the composition of your gloves.  In many cases, weight trainers will purchase leather lifting gloves, but this isn’t always the right choice for everyone.  The problem with leather is that it can stain your hands when you’re sweating a lot while wearing the gloves.  Plus leather can shrink slightly, making the gloves uncomfortable, or altogether unusable. Plus leather can just make your hands smell badly, when used for a long period of time.  For these reasons, it’s best to go with a different material, to ensure that your lifting gloves are as adaptable to any scenario as possible.

When you’re looking to buy lifting gloves of any kind, you can find plenty of options at any store that features a fitness section.  There will be a few choices to choose from at a basic department store like Target or Walmart.  But if you really want a good selection of lifting gloves to choose from, you’re going to want to go to a sporting goods store.  There you can find a broader selection of quality gloves, for any possible weight lifting purpose.  Plus they will have the knowledgeable staff to help you choose the right gloves for your workout.


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