LifeSmart Adjustable Dumbbells Review


There are so many weights equipment that you can find out there. However, there is no other cheaper and best value other than LifeSmart adjustable dumbbells. This is, in fact, what various adjustable dumbbells review are saying and suggesting. This is because for only $199, you can already have a good pair of dumbbells LifeSmart. So, if you are just beginning to tone and build your muscles, this is a great option that you should be considering.

Specifications of LifeSmart Adjustable Dumbbells

Taking the LifeSmart 118 pounds adjustable dumbbell package as the example, its major features and specifications are the following:

  • Each of the two (2) dumbbells has an adjustable weight between 5 and 55 pounds.
  • Its handle is contoured in order to have a more comfortable grip and handling of the set.
  • It has unique sliding lock system that allows the users to change the weights in just a snap. Hence, you no longer need to put the dumbbells first on its stand or on the floor so that you can change its setting. It is just annoying to do that because it is interrupting the momentum of your weight training.
  • Its increment for both sides is 2.5 pounds. Hence, you have more options, unlike those other products with higher increments, which only limit the number of options that they can use.
  • It is casted with commercial grade of iron plates.
  • Its shape has a smaller diameter compared to other dumbbells out there, which makes the storage of this product very easy. You do not have a big space to store it.
  • It is drop tested. So, it will not easily break down to pieces even if you accidentally drop it to a concrete ground.
  • With this kind of dumbbell, you can now do more than 50 muscle exercise at the convenience of your own home.

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Should you buy it too?

If you are just beginning your weight training and you do not need those extremely complex equipment, then these LifeSmart adjustable dumbbells are, indeed, great for your first purchase. It is among those products that makes the best value for your money. Aside from that, if you are sort of shy to go to the gym and lift weights while lots of people are looking at you, then you can simply buy it and do your workout at home.

Pros and Cons

On the other hand, however, the only setback of this product is its limited warranty. It only covers up to five (5) years, which may already send the wrong signal to the prospective buyers that it is not highly durable at all.

Nevertheless, the best thing about these products from LifeSmart is its price. This is because for as low as $199, you can already have a great set for your workout. It is also the reason why this is ideal for beginners. You do not need those extremely expensive ones yet in the first place if they can deliver the same thing to you.


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