Let’s compare Yamaha and Honda portable generators


The Yamaha YG2800i inverter generator, for example, is lightweight and portable. If you’re using it at home or on a job site you can easily move it around. It has a pulse width modulator to power your computer, your appliances that have computerized functions as well as power tools. This Yamaha generator also offers a governing system for electrical economy control that improves your fuel economy and reduces the noise it makes. Its alternator is 16 pole and its starter has 24 coils. The cylinder is a strong cast iron model, with GFCI protection.

As you compare Yamaha and Honda portable generators, keep in mind that this Yamaha generator has a limited one-year warranty. Its engine is a four stroke 5.5 horsepower with one cylinder. It is rated for 2500 continuous watts. It can run for 12.9 hours on one three-gallon tank of gasoline. It also has a handy low oil warning system and a fuel gauge so you won’t get surprised by the inability to use your Yamaha generator during an outage. It retails for about $1300.

Comparably priced is a Honda engine generator by Coleman, called the Coleman Powermate, with a 5000-watt Honda GX 11 horsepower motor. The engine is a power OHV model. It has an idle control and a safety shutdown if oil runs low. Its tires are pneumatic. This Honda engine Coleman generator is great for a job work site or for emergency backup use at home because of its fuel tank designed for extended runs. Its retail price is around $1200.

So, as you compare Yamaha and Honda portable generators you’ll see that there are comparable features at comparable prices for both.


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