Lennox Standby Generator Review


The Lennox name is one of the most recognized and respected in the HVAC industry. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning is their main area of expertise but what they have learned in that field has been translated into making one of the finest emergency generator systems available. Providing your home with a Lennox standby generator is a good idea for so many reasons. Here’s why.

Power outages are certainly inconvenient for all but can be of a critical nature for some. During extremely hot weather, for example, being without power means being without air conditioning or even simple cooling fans. In cold weather it can mean having to live without heat. For some, especially the elderly or ill, this can pose a huge health hazard.

For those living out in the country power outages can be frequent and for periods of long duration. Perhaps a fireplace or a kerosene heater can supply some auxiliary heating for basic comfort but how about other appliances requiring electricity. How about all the food in the refrigerator and freezer, the pump supplying your well water or something as simple as electric lighting. All these things normally taken for granted cease to exist without electric power. This is where a Lennox standby generator comes in so handy.

Unlike portable generators that are loud, can pose electrical and carbon monoxide dangers and require regular maintenance, a standby generator runs on natural gas or propane, requires limited maintenance if not being used but is always there, at the ready, waiting to automatically respond to any power outage.

The Lennox standby generator is the best made, quietest and most powerful unit on the market for its size and cost. It can be set up to provide power to a limited number of predetermined circuits to run power throughout your entire house. In an electrical emergency it can literally be a lifesaver.

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