Leifheit Contour 72507 Medium Express Steam Generator Ironing Table


Leifheit Contour 72507 Medium Express Ironing Board is designed and builds for steam generator irons so that you can use your generators comfortably in this board. As most of the ironing board do not have good feature for generators, this is a better option to go with. Moreover, the ironing board is also amazing for using any standard type of irons in the market.  The good surface with rust resistant will give you good way to enjoy ironing with the generators within a short time.

Perfect for Steam Generators

This steam generator ironing board is specially designed for the generators ironing feature. For that reason, you have no problem to find out any good ironing place any more. Use the ironing board for ironing your clothe with the generators very easily with the storage function. Moreover, your iron will be in the safe place safely because of the iron holders for generators. Moreover, you will get a good frame level with water container placing for the users to avoid going so far with steam generators.

Rust Resistant Ironing Board

Get the rust resistant steam generator iron for your home or garments in order to free from rust. As a result, you will not have any scratches in the generators soleplate as well as other places. Moreover, the cover sheet of the surface will give you a real way to increase comfort. Therefore, this is the ironing board that will increase your safety of generators and give good system to increase durability.

Comfortable Size Surface

The size of the surface of this generator iron board is quite good and comfortable for the users. In fact, the 120 cm x 38 cm surface with full cotton cover will always increase your comfort of ironing any cloth. On the other hand, the high adjustable feature will give you a pleasing feature with the ironing in the cool service. Of course, the surface design and frame is great to use and easy to fold. Moreover, the structure will prefer any place to store in your home and give you a perfect look. Place the small size folding suitable generators ironing board in any place and keep your home suitable.

Up to 98 cm Height Differences

Leifheit Contour 72507 Medium Express Ironing Board comes with different height adjustable feature for different height people in order to give good ironing time. In this case, you will never feel wrong and back pain because of having lower ironing board. On the other hand, you do not climb up into other thing in order to reach the surface any more. Use the height system that will give you 98 cm height differences with hock system.

Plastic Legs Sliding Resistant

The plastic legs of the ironing board will give you good sliding resistant feature to the users in order to give good security. However, you will also get the leg lock system in order to enhance safety very easily. Therefore, you will not have any other ways and resistant in order to feel secure of ironing any clothe.


  1. Perfect For Steam Generator Irons
  2. 98 cm Height Variable Function
  3. Substantial Iron Structure
  4. Full Rust Resistant


  1. NO extra Basket for Storage
  2. Heavy to Carry & Fittings

Leifheit Contour 72507 Medium Express is a perfect for the steam generator irons that will give you good ironing and resistances. For that reason, you can easily use the generators comfortably in your home or garments for having comfortable and pain free ironing. Therefore, you can get the plastic legs with sliding resistant and prefer to have a strong structure for the users.


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