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The lead in drinking water is the second most common contaminant, after chlorine. Source: Lead enters the water supply mostly from the plumbing in your home but also from industrial sources. According to the EPA, almost 100% of American homes have lead piping and plumbing fixtures such as faucets. When these pipings corrode, lead is leached into your tap water.

Health Effects: Having lead in your household water supply can be dangerous. Particularly at risk are babies and small children.

It has been determined that infants with even low levels of blood lead could experience learning and behavioral deficiencies such as shortened attention spans and low IQ.

Lead could also have physical effects on both adults and children such as high blood pressure and kidney problems.

How To Reduce Lead Water: Use only cold tap water for human consumption since it contains less lead than hot tap water. If you must use hot water, boil your tap water.

Also, run your tap for about a minute or two (until the water is cold) if it has been unused for at least 6 hours. The longer water rests in your plumbing, the more lead it will contain.

For the best way to remove lead from your water, get either an under the counter water filtercounter top home water filter or a reverse osmosis filter.

Quality water filtration devices that remove lead should be certified to either NSF/ANSI Standard 53, Standard 58 or Standard 62. Read more on NSF Water Filter Standards.

A filter certified by the California Department of Health is also of quality.

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These countertop water filtration systems and undercounter filters are certified by the California Department of Health to remove lead in drinking water as well lots of other impurities. See their certification below.

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