Lawn Chairs


Lawn chairs come in a variety of types and styles, each having a different purpose. Depending on what theme you have in your mind for your patio (or any other outdoor area in your home, for that matter), your lawn chair could be a normal chair, a cushioned one, the folding type or a rocker, plus countless other variations. The materials that lawn seats are made of also vary with each kind.

They could be wooden, metallic and plastic, among others. To get a better idea on which lawn chair type would be best for you, decide first on the theme that you expect for your patio. After coming up with a motif, you can now proceed to examine each type of lawn chair and see which one best suit your needs and preferences.

If you don’t want the weather to ruin your lawn chair sets, cushioned ones like wicker sets would definitely be a no-no. Although you’d absolutely like the comfort that cushioned chairs offer, they do not fare well with the changes in climate, particularly during the winter. To keep in the safe side, wooden ones are known to thrive in any kind of weather. You have a choice between

Adirondacks, bench types, or simply the one-seat common kinds. Today’s choices of wooden lawn chair furniture pieces also vary in the wood type and you often have a choice among teak, mahogany, maple and oak. Experts would often say that you won’t go wrong with the teak ones.

Metallic chairs also go well as outdoor furniture, being lightweight and highly durable. The disadvantage with them, however, is they would be prone to rusting when in constant exposure to the outside weather. Opposite to the metals’ durability is that of the plastic ones. Plastic ones may come many times cheaper than their counterparts but they aren’t exactly known for their durability.

Rockers, on the other hand, always deliver comfort. They are great for leisurely time in the patio, or the garden. Rockers now come in different styles and design and are not necessarily just for the old folks anymore. If you love to spend some quality reading or napping time in your home’s outdoor area, rockers would be fit for that need.

Finally, folding lawn chairs are also some of the most popular choices for patio furniture among American homeowners today. Much of this preference for the folding chair can be attributed to its light weight and portability. It makes a great furniture piece for the outdoors because you can easily pack them up and move them around – something that would definitely be a plus if you love to spend picnics and outdoor gatherings in your house.

If you aren’t sure yet on what you want for your lawn chair set, you can do a survey first of the choices that you have. You can see the different lawn chair models that are up for grabs today through the Internet. Most furniture showrooms can now be found online so browsing through your choices shouldn’t be that hard.


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