Use a Large Cork Board and Become More Efficient


Generally described as a large section of cork backed with wood or plastic, a large cork board can be used for a variety of different activities around the home or office. These are usually used as a bulletin board where thumb tacks are used to place small or large items for everyone to see. Because cork is soft yet durable, tacks can be placed into the object nearly an infinite amount of times without it showing wear and tear. Cork boards come in a variety of different sizes, but large cork boards are the most common simply because they are used in schools, hospitals, and other environments where information needs to be readily available for everyone to see. If taken care of properly, a cork board can last for years and become a great object for transmitting information and staying organized.

Cork is a synthetic product of the cork oak tree which is generally found in regions of Europe near the Mediterranean. Portugal supplies nearly 50% of the world’s cork which is surprising seeing as how cork is used in so many products including flooring, wine, and cork boards. Cork is crafted by stripping dead wood from the tree which it produces about every nine years. The beauty of cork is that it doesn’t kill the tree and it is left to grow until another batch of cork is ready for harvesting. One of the few sustainable forms of wood office supplies, the large cork board is incredibly environmentally friendly making it perfect for schools and businesses that are looking to live greener.

The beauty of large cork boards is that the material is both sturdy and versatile. Easy to compress, it is extremely strong and hold up important documents. It is also pleasing on the eyes, large cork boards are able to have items pinned to them without damaging the item. Wood bulletin boards were and sometimes still are used to display information, but cork boards are superior because of their durable and resilient nature. Although large cork boards will eventually break down and make putting pins into it impossible, they will last far longer than their wood equivalents. Generally, large cork boards are mounted in front of wood or plastic to avoid damage to the surface behind it due to pins. Higher end models of cork board also offer a whiteboard which uses dry erase markers to display information. This type of setup is essential for messages that are connected with important documents or other pieces of paper that need to be physically present.


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