Kohler Generators


Kohler has increased its brand value with a series of line-ups of high-performing generators and its components. They follow specific epitome laid for the industrial appliances and practices. The quality assurance wing of Kohler ensures the high calibration of each component.

Kohler builds various types of generators suitable for each purpose it is used for. It offers gas generators, diesel generators and generators for industrial purposes. Most of the generators offered by Kohler are economical and durable with instant power on demand.

Kohler evolved during the year 1920, with the most revolutionary seed of thought in mind to bring electricity to the rural areas. The fist step was then to try small car engines to generate power in the villages with farmers as the key market. Well, the first model to come out in the open after series of trial and error. And it was a 1500-Watt model. It was created so simple that its engine could be ignited using a simple switch.

Along with the evolution of technology, power lines started to ply across various divisions of geographical area. Kohler very well embarked the potential Power market and provided power that was otherwise difficult with remote lines.

Today, Kohler has a huge market following. It offers a range of generators giving an output power from the basic 2,5 kilowatt to a massive 2000 kilowatt for huge industrial purposes. It has held a firm footage in the standby generator market apart from catering to custom requirements. It has also ventured the power systems for the household and various industries.

Kohler manufactures a series of generators, like generator onsite, marine generators, residential generators and mobile generators. All the models have proven themselves by being durable, reliable and flexible enough enduring itself across all rough weathers.

Kohler has managed to improve upon its features along with its new versions. Persistent research and study form behind the scenes towards the evolution of all the models manufactured by Kohler.

Almost all the Kohler models are designed to meet any amount of output as required. Almost all Kohler models are fuel-efficient and are consistent in delivering maximum power throughout when run even when fully loaded.

Kohler manufactures generators with high-performing efficient engines along with the most advanced alternators and provides tailor made turnkey solutions for all your power needs.

Kohler marine generators work on the state-of-the-art technology. They are run on gasoline and excellently manage the requirements of boaters, providing them with higher output at times whenever required. It is made possible using two hydraulic pumps simultaneously inside a dynamic PTO adapter kit. Therefore, Kohler offers generators using the latest technology.

Kohler generators are far more reliable and easy to operate. Some Diesel models are impressively quiet and do not make much noise when activated. They pretty well pass the prodigy of rigid sound requirements.

No wonder Kohler has a glorious past, lightening present and a bright future!

In short, Kohler offers you massive power bundled as a small package. Unleash the bundle and experience the power!


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