Kohler Natural Gas Electric Residential Generators


Kohler Power offers comprehensive power system solutions for many applications including industrial, home standby systems, marine and mobile generators. To support industrial back up power needs there are complete ranges of diesel and gas generators, generator control equipment, switchgear and a new range of tow-able generators to adapt to modern, rapidly changing requirements for the deployment of back up power. Natural gas electric residential generators such as the Kohler gas generator 25REZG support critical power applications in many industries.

Reliable gas powered generators from Kohler support a range of applications from residential applications, requiring only a few kW of power, up to business and heavy industries, requiring large and highly reliable standby power units.

Kohler 25REZG natural gas residential generators system is a nominal 25kW output unit, fueled by either LP gas (or LPG) or by natural gas. The unit is capable of outputting either three phase or one phase power at either 50 or 60Hz. The 60 Hz standby rating is about 25kW or 31kVA. At 50 Hz the unit is rated for 20kW or 25kVA.

The Kohler Gas Generators 25REZG 60 Hz unit meets the relevant US safety and environmental standards, such as NFPA Level 1, when equipped with the proper accessories and properly installed, and New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) for stationaryspark-ignited emissions. Kohler units are designed with an eye on rapidly evolving standards for environmental protection, and Kohler aim to meet all federal (EPA) standard without requiring any expensive upgrades.

Other Kohler natural gas electric residential generators developments which may be of interest include wireless monitoring capabilities (PowerScan) using GSM (mobile phone networks) and the internet. These allow timely notification to be delivered specified recipients about any power quality issues using phone, pagers, mobile phone, email and fax systems.

Kohler products are covered by one year limited warranty for all components and systems. Extended warranties of two and five years are also available.

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