Kohler K-1652-NA Steam Powered Electric Generators


The steam powered electric generators are a device that uses a heat source to boil liquid and convert it to a vapor, often known as steam. The Kohler K-1652-NA Steam Generator can help steam up your bath to make it nice and cozy. It is a product that everyone can enjoy and appreciate. It could be a gift for that special someone, or perhaps even yourself. Businesses, resorts, spas, and residential homes are using these generators to add a little pizzaz to the everyday bath.

These steam powered electric generators are intended to be used with a BodySpa or Sonata module, or Kohler receptors. One of this specific models main benefits is the fact that it can be located a good twenty-five feet from the control panel, giving you flexibility in its placement. It features 240 volts, and a separate circuit is required.

The Kohler K-1652-NA steam generator takes a mere three to four minutes to heat up and create the desired steam. And it comes at a price point that many can afford, unlike a number of other similar models.

Keep in mind that Kohler K-1652-NA steam powered electric generators should always be installed by a professional plumber. If the device is not properly installed, steam pressure can build up as it is not properly released through the valve, and this can cause a dangerous situation.

With a name like Kohler, it is hard to go wrong. This company has been a trusted name for years among contractors, businessmen, and consumers alike. They are trusted for bringing only the highest quality innovative products and solutions to the market. And with it, you can add the most delightful steam to your bath, offering supreme comfort and luxury that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. Few things can be more satisfying than that.

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