Kohler 25kw Diesel Generator Reviews Safety Tips


Whether you need a generator for your home, farm, shop or RV, a Kohler 25kw diesel generator can supply instant emergency power when you need it.

With the large number of natural disasters that have occurred around the world and here at home, an emergency power source is absolutely necessary. A diesel generator could mean the difference between sitting in the dark for just a few hours and having your life saved during extreme weather. Imagine days without power during a heat wave, hurricane, earthquake or blizzard and no way to keep your self cool, warm or to preserve precious food sources.

The Kohler 25kw diesel generator is self contained with the fuel tank just under the engine. It’s portable and can be stored in a shed or garage. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for safe handling and always follow the instructions.

You should only use your Kohler diesel generator outside, unless you have attached a hose to vent the exhaust fumes generated by the fuel.

The extension cord that runs from the generator supplying power to your building has to stay dry. While in operation, tape the cord along the floor or along the wall so that it doesn’t pose a tripping hazard.

Should your fuel tank empty, stop the motor and allow the engine to cool before refilling. This will mean an interruption in power for half an hour or so. If power is vital to your operation, always keep a second generator on stand-by.

Check all appliances and electrical devices in the building, or home, to see how much power they consume so that you don’t overload the generator. However, with 25kw, your Kohler diesel unit should be able to handle your RV and basic home appliances.

Sometimes carbon can build up in the engine as a result of not following the operating instructions. Diesel engines should ideally be run at a minimum of 60% to 75% of their maximum rated load

Brief periods of running at a low load rate are acceptable as long as the generator is brought up to full load on a regular basis.

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