Kohler 12 Kilowatt Emergency Power Generator Model: 12RES-L


The Kohler 12 Kilowatt Emergency Power System Model: 12RES-L is highly reliable for backing up large electrical loads during periods of power outage. It is ideal for homes and small business establishments with its quick response and big capacity. The device offers several features as well for heavy duty and convenient purposes.

The emergency standby air-cooled generator has 12 rated kW on a single-phase 120/240 voltage setup. It is made in the USA and comes with a price tag of $3,999. Kohler 12RES-L has a RDT Automatic Transfer Switch 100-amp with 12-circuit load center. It also features the Kohler Command PRO OHV Engine which sufficiently meets the emission standards in California and the United States EPA. The engine is very powerful and reliable and includes hydraulic valve lifters.

The generator also includes the PowerBoost Technology which has a huge motor-starting capacity for big electrical loads. The machine has low distortion and clean power capable of handling and protecting sensitive and sophisticated electronics. Similar to several other Kohler generators, the 12RES-L can restore power very quickly at around 10 seconds. It also operates very smoothly and quietly at only 65 db at 23 feet. Another special feature is the advanced ADC-RES Digital Control which includes an LED display for setup information and system status and digital voltage regulation and engine speed governing.

The Kohler 12RES-L boasts easy installation with a polymer base so you no longer need a concrete pad. It also offers simple field conversion between LP and natural gas. The steel enclosure is made of Galvanneal for ultimate rodent security. Everything weighs 457 lbs and measures 42.5 x 30.5 x 32.5 inches.

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