Kitchenaid Immersion Blender Review


Kitchenaid immersion blender
 makes the perfect companion for those small blending jobs that do not require a full size blender. Most people like that these immersion blenders have the power that is necessary to get the job done, just in a more compact and convenient format.

Most Kitchenaid hand blenders come with a small but powerful motor that will handle even the hardest of jobs. They are perfect for making smoothies, mixing drinks in the glass that they are already in, or the mixing jar that is included can be used as well. Despite the fact that Kitchenaid stick blender has powerful little motors, they are surprisingly quiet so they won’t interrupt the mood of a party when you are blending on the go.

The Kitchen aid immersion blender will go 8 inches deep into whatever material you are mixing so it will be useful even for a fairly deep glass. Something to watch out for is what kind of container you put it in; the blade guard is metal so it can damage no-stick pots if you are not careful.

Why Kitchenaid Hand Blender Parts Really Make Sense to Buy?

Kitchenaid immersion blender

One of the most common complaints that people have when they are using something in the kitchen is that it is not designed to go in the dishwasher. All of the Kitchenaid stick blender parts are made to be dishwasher safe so cleanup is fast and easy. The different attachments also snap into the unit very easily so switching from one attachment to another is no problem.

Despite their small size, Kitchenaid immersion blenders are built to last. They have stainless steel blades that will even handle ice. They also have a protective stainless steels splash guard that will not only keep the contents of your drink from getting all over the counter but also protect the blades in the event that the unit is dropped or banged against something nearby.

A mixing bowl is included with each of these small portable Kitchenaid blenders and it has a 3 cup capacity which will handle most small applications. It also comes with a lid so you can mix something and then throw it into the refrigerator for future use.

Versatility is Another Consideration for a Hand Blender

Additional attachments that are available with immersion Kitchen aid blenders will cover almost any small kitchen mixing job. There is a whisk attachment ready to be used so that it is easy to whip cream or fluff egg whites. Switch back to the regular blade for beverages, ice or even soups. There is even a chopper attachment that comes with its own bowl, lid and an adapter. It uses a stainless steel blade, and with this it will be capable of chopping nuts, vegetables, fruits and even meat. With this attachment from Kitchenaid wand blender, it might be possible to skip on buying a full sized blender at all.

In order to save some money it is possible to purchase Kitchenaid immersion blender kit that comes with all of the different attachments. The blender, the mixing bowl that comes with all models, and the whisk attachment and the chopping attachment can all be purchased together for a little over $100.

How Good is the Quality of Kitchenaid Stick Blender?

With stainless steel parts that are resistant to corrosion or damage Kitchenaid immersion blenders will last for long time. They come with an ergonomic design that makes the unit easy to hold even when mixing something that is very thick. Also included is a drawstring bag that allows you to keep everything together and keep the dust off when it is not being used.

Additional thoughtful feature of a Kitchenaid hand mixer includes a 5 foot long cord that means there’s no struggling to bring the mixer to what needs to be mixed, making it truly portable within any regular size kitchens.

These blenders also come with a dedicated on off switch and are equipped with variable speeds for more precise mixing control. This will allow you to start off mixing slowly and then speed up so that you don’t have a beverage splashing out of the cup when you start mixing.

The portable Kitchenaid immersion blender is covered by a 1 year hassle free warranty that ensures peace of mind for consumers. They have a reputation for being durable and long-lasting and it is not likely that the warranties will be used often.

They come in a few different colors, and whether you’re kitchen decor is set to red, black or white there is a model that will go right along with the surroundings. These units consistently score at the top of consumer reviews, so there really aren’t many negative things, cons or disadvantages to mention about them.

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