Kitchenaid Hot Water Dispenser


Stylish Brass Finish for Instant Hot Water

If you are tired of waiting for your water to heat on the stove, consider installing a Kitchenaid hot water dispenser.


These units are both highly effective at delivering hot water and are also very stylish and affordable.

Consumers have a variety of styles to choose from in this line which will fit into virtually any décor. The Kitchen aid hot water dispenser is easy to install and easy to maintain.

With the company’s long history of quality merchandise, consumers can rest easy that their units will last for years, and that if something should happen, they can get the unit fixed quickly and easily.

Kitchenaid Hot Water Dispenser Reviews

As mentioned above, customers have a wide array of options when it comes to choosing a Kitchenaid instant hot water dispenser.


For a very stylish option, you may want to consider a unit similar to the Instant-Hot Water Dispenser KHWG260VSS.

This unit can deliver sixty cups of hot water per hour. Its solid brass construction (body and spout) make it long-lasting and sturdy. It comes with a one-year warranty, and it is hand-finished. The unit has adjustable thermostat and can deliver water up to 190° F. right from your tap.

Another high-quality unit homeowners may want to consider is the Kitchenaid Hot Water Dispenser KHWC260VSS.

This unit will also provide consumers with up to sixty cups of almost-boiling water per hour, right from the tap. The finish on this unit is flawless and hand-polished. Its design will fit into virtually any home or office. It can be purchased in either chrome or stainless steel.

For those who wish to purchase a instant hot Kitchenaid water dispenser in white, consider a unit such as Model: KHWL260VSS.

This hot water dispenser contains all of the features listed for the other models, but can be purchased in dazzling white.

Pros & Cons of Kitchenaid Instant Hot Water Dispenser


  • Kitchenaid offers a variety of styles, all of which are attractive and will fit most decors. Finishes can be purchased in chrome, stainless steel, and white.
  • Each unit, regardless of model, is constructed with a solid brass spout and body which makes each unit sturdy and long-lasting.
  • All models have an adjustable thermostat to allow consumers total control over the temperature of the hot water delivered.
  • Kitchenaid offers a full line of repair parts should consumers need to change out any parts. These can be ordered offline or online. Authorized repair vendors are also available in most areas.


  • On the con side, some homeowners may feel the price is a bit high when compared to other units from other manufacturers. Whether this is a negative or not may depend on how important quality is to the individual customer.
  • There have been some consumer complaints that their Kitchenaid water dispenser doesn’t work. However, the company offers its customers a wealth of online information to help them correct most common problems.

You can find information on installation, repair, and download a Kitchen aid water dispenser diagram if they need to do so.

Overall, Kitchenaid hot water dispensers are considered by some to be a top-of-the-line product. While they may be a bit more expensive, they are also high-quality items with a reputation for lasting a long time.


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