Kitchenaid Blenders Reviews


Kitchenaid manufactures an array of useful kitchen products and a smoothie Kitchenaid blender will offer an excellent choice for a reliable unit that will make blending jobs easy and convenient. They have good build quality and most consumers are pleased with them but some do say that they run a little loud.

With well thought out options included, the best things about these Kitchen aid blenders is that they are made with convenience in mind. They have included a number of smart features like a flat panel on the front where the controls are. This allows for easy cleaning and people will not have to try and get in between buttons to make the blender look like new again. It is common that people want to leave a blender out on the countertop and this way they can do it and have it look good, clean and tidy all the time.

The parts of Kitchenaid juicer blenders that will often end up getting dirty are the blender jar and the lid. These Kitchen aid blender parts are built to be dishwasher safe, so cleanup is simple and easy. They also keep safety in mind, and the blades will not spin unless the jar is properly attached to the base. This is done by using an interlocking collar and it will prevent the jar from popping up when it is not properly secured. Additional thoughtful options include things like a measuring cup for ingredients that is part of the blender lid, perfect for cocktail parties or other professional kitchen set ups when precision is important.

Deciding on Different Kitchenaid Blender Models

The entry level Kitchen aid blender is a Three Speed model, but there are others available as well. Four Speed Kitchenaid smoothie blenders are also available that offers more control and includes helpful features like a soft start. This prevents the ingredients in the blender jar from splashing out when the blender is started. It keeps the lid clean and it is even possible to use the blender without the lid. Nice options like a stainless steel blade are included. Both speed options are available for around $100 or less.

Kitchenaid Blenders 5 speed

Kitchenaid 5 Speed Blender

Moving up to the Five Speed Kitchenaid blender, it will provide the versatility that many people are looking for. The additional speeds allow for greater control and the 0.9 horsepower motor is going to go through just about any material quickly. A full pitcher of ice will be mixed in no time. Moving up to this level also includes a 56 ounce Kitchenaid blender jar that is made of polycarbonate so it will be strong and long-lasting. The shape of the blender jar in the five speed model also prevents food from getting stuck in small crevices and allow it to easily move throughout the jar during blending. As these models are meant for more serious jobs, they have an air flow design that will keep the motor cool even under heavy loads.

Try a Kitchenaid Immersion Blender for Smaller Jobs

Not all mixing jobs require a full size blender, and a Kitchenaid hand blender is the perfect implement for this kind of task. They come with a mixing cup, or they can be used with most glasses or pitchers that are already found in the Kitchen. They come with a drawstring bag so it is easy to keep all of the components together. Attachments are also available for the smaller Kitchenaid stick blender models that include a nut chopper and a whisk attachment for added versatility. Each one comes with an ergonomic housing with a grip that will keep the blender firmly in your hands while mixing.

Kitchenaid Blender Parts Are Easy To Find

There are times when replacement parts or additional accessories are called for. One of the benefits of using a well known brand like Kitchenaid is that there are a number of accessories and parts available. Glass blender jars can be purchased if the original jar becomes damaged, and it might also be a good idea to get one simply to have an extra one on hand. Cutter blade assemblies with a gasket are also available and it is even possible to find a replacement coupler. This also comes with a handy removal tool so there is no struggle to get the original parts off or put the new part on.

Summary of Pros and Cons

The major advantage is that Kitchen Aid blender comes in a variety of different models and they all have durable motors that will last a lifetime. Just in case they don’t, there are warranties available on all models and it is easy to find additional parts when they are required. One area – the drawback or disadvantage where they may fail is in the connection from the base to the jar, but it has only been experienced by a handful of consumers.


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