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Don’t let your Kitchenaid blender coupling cause you to throw it in the trash!

It seems that anyone who owns a few specific models of the KitchenAid blender will eventually find themselves in need to replace the plastic coupling that fits between the motor base and the pitcher.  I have noticed lots of people are purchasing replacement couplings through my site, which led me to spending several hours researching this issue.

If you are ready to buy one now, go to Amazon to shop for your KitchenAid Blender Coupling replacement with prices ranging from just over $1.00 to just over $10.00 for a kit with the special tool included.

Overall people are very happy with the KitchenAid blender.  It is moderately priced around $100, looks great and the performance is acceptable for moderate tasks … except for this plastic coupler needing periodic replacement.  (If you are looking for a new blender start at the home page to read Kitchenaid blender reviews.)

When you search the internet you will quickly find lots of stories of people planning to throw away their blender until finding the replacement coupling for sale online.  In some cases, shipping is more expensive than the replacement coupling.   The majority of people are able to quickly remove and replace the damaged coupling in about 10 minutes with a little help from the helpful instructions that can be found online.  It’s interesting to note that there are a lot of comments about how the instructions included with the replacement coupling are no help at all … KitchenAid needs to really tighten up.

In a few cases the replacement coupling did not fit their pitcher exactly causing the blender to not work correctly.  So, if you have a rather old blender or the pictures online do not look like your coupling you may not be able to find a replacement.

Here are the methods that work to remove the damaged kitchenaid blender coupling:

  • Carefully pry off the old one with a flat head screwdriver (see video below).
  • Unscrew it using a punch and hammer (see video below) … Note this could damage the base if done incorrectly and the threads are left handed, therefore righty loosey.
  • Unscrew it using a flat spanner wrench (box end wrench) … Note this could damage the base if done incorrectly and the threads are left handed, therefore righty loosey.
  • The instructions provided by KitchenAid are not found to be very helpful.

The video below details the “pry off” method.  The treads of the kitchenaid blender coupling or clutch are made from aluminum, so it can be pried off without damaging the threads on the motor shaft.

The video below details the “hammer and punch” method:

The video below details the “spanner wrench/kit removal tool” method.  If you have a very flat 7 mm (9/64″) open end wrench you do not need to order the special removal tool.

Kitchenaid Blender Coupling Research Summary

  • The most recommended method is to pry it off with a screwdriver and save your money on the replacement tool.
  • Don’t order the removal tool … order a second spare coupling/clutch instead.
  • The threads are lefthanded … therefore are “righty loosey” … turn clockwise to unscrew.
  • It’s not recommended to use a long screwdriver to stop the motor from turning and then turning the coupling clockwise to remove it.  This method is not recommeded because it’s very easy to damage the motor or the electronics that are out of sight.

All of the above methods will get the job done.  It’s up to you to decide which one fits your level of skill and strength.

If you are ready to buy your new kitchenaid blender coupling consider buying more than one, so that you don’t have a failure in the middle of your next smoothie party.

Also, now that you know how it can be easily broken, beware of pressing down too hard on top of the pitcher while the blender is running.  Several people commented that this is what caused their failure.

So armed with your choice of the above replacement method … plan for a 5 to 10 minute session and you’ll be ready to blend again!

The link below will take you to the Amazon page with a list options to choose from KitchenAid Blender Coupling.

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